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just a another guy:
~~~ Saying ~~~

These thing,s is knowing that our friendship is real as there by just . Saying how proud i am to see you shine like the sun as there i am able to get you to understand the thing,s that mean to me an to be known to you the person that i am as there is where i am so glad to have known how i am able to cherish something so real as there by . Saying these thing,s will make these thing,s so new and improved as there i have found a hope in you who i truly adored through out the year,s and the month,s i have known you through my time . Saying these word,s that i mean to say to you the word,s that as allowed me to miss a smile and miss a single tear that been shed and to miss a loving where you are loved for the kindness you have bestowed upon me as there just to be able to say these thing,s that i think about is where i find myself . Saying these extraordinary thing,s to a remarkable person who i have known to me through out the year,s i have known as there i begin to for humble beginnings that shown me the thing,s i care so much about by just . Saying these thing,s that are incredible enough to hold in my life where i find myself walking the street,s thinking of you hoping that my life will change for there i see face in a crowd that stuck me as there i thought of you the one
that is forever and always
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