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The world that there is something that can bee loved as there is where you find love as there you . Show the people who live in the world the happiness that is made happy as there is where you find kindness that is made to be kind as it. Show us all the blessing,s in our live,s as there i have come a-long way just to see these kinds of blessings that hold us close to each other knowing how much it mean,s to me just to have the opportunity to . Show you all the word,s that are best to explain the thing,s that are told in away that i know how as there you all have lighten up my mornings as the sun allow,s to see how it as shine,s forever it brings so much happiness that as taken us through to night sky where the diamond,s of the night sparkle with a glimmer of hope as the moon . Show us all how it descend it light for us to see how we can think of the people we have known and love as there you find that our friendship will . Show us how thing,s can make many thing,s to be seen and defined in many different way,s as there it allow,s understand that our friendship is made forever and alway,s
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