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hello all - i am Darren or daz depends on preference i am here to make friends and to interact with them and play wordy which i am quite good at as that i am here to have laugh with the people who certainly like to get to know me as that i am currently 32 year,s old and 6ft 6 yes i am tall but i also have big for the people who are interested into get to know me better as person and also have no time for those who like to stir up trouble or getting a kick out hurting people or even taken advantage of other,s i also like to share my taste in music and also i like to share my thought,s in form of poetry or even simple blog so it allow,s you to see first hand of how i am thinking of other,s and also i have been born with epilepsy and in 2008 i have diabeties type 1 i find it differcult in life but it does not stop me from what i am doing as i also like to help other,s to the best that i can as that i believe that everyone need,s someone to depend on as that i am surely you would also

i am also a single man who looking for that understanding girl / woman who understand the thing,s i am going through in my life and also as that caring attitude in life and also who like to have joke or to as i find it important to have some kind of humor and also a positive attitude in life and as that same chemistry as me

i have been on wire for 9 year,s yes it is long time and it help,s me to understand the kind people that i am dealing with and that before i came to wire i was in royal air force cadet,s and sea cadet,s and i also did training as chef for 2 year,s where i have learn,t to cook and also that i dabbled in retail dealing that kind of area and also i like to play chess as it allow,s me to expand my mind and i also am open to any more questions that need answering


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