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Hi I just found this place so Im checking it out. Mostly Im a pretty positive kind of person but heres my list of things I cant stand, if your on this list and do these things please DONT PM ME
❌ Asking for naked pics or want to send some, forget it thats never gonna happen and I dont want one from you
❌ pm to chat and then have nothing to say, like not even real words just stuff like hru or wyd or an emoji like 😊 or send a friend request and lve never even talked to you before
❌ Want to know my other apps like skype fb insta or whatever, if I dont know you for real Im not telling my personal apps to you
❌ Dont have any profile, just a guest or nothing in your profile, it only takes a minute to make a profile so theres no excuse of not having one. And fyi I dont talk to any body with no shirt in his pfp cuz thats just cringey.

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