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Mitt Romney was the bishop of my mormon church in Cambridge, and I knew him well as a child, and liked him immensely. I knew him to be a good man personally. And yes, mormonism is a whacked out religion.... but that is beside my point. My point is this: I dont understand why any woman would want to elect Romney/Ryan. I am gravely disapointed with his choice of running mate. It would set back woman's rights decades to elect this team. I am also at a loss why anyone out there in America, making less than $200,000 a year would vote for this republican ticket .... This team is not looking out for the middleclass. They are not even attempting trickle down economics ... the new tax policy that Romney and Ryan want to implement is more of a trickleup process. Take money from the middleclass through tax increases (there will be at least a $2,000 increase on middle class families under the Romney/Ryan team for the middle class- if you dont think so, read up on it), they will eliminate programs for the poor, and they will give it all to the very rich- because after all, the rich are the ones who are paying for the Romney/Ryan team to be elected. Reverse Robinhood. How can anyone fall for this???? I am not naive enough to think the dems are being 100% honest either, they have their own fantasies that need to be addressed, (simply tax the top 1 to 2% more and presto, that will make social security and medicare solvent, PLEASE!) however as far as the two parties are behaving currently, the republican deceit runs much, much deeper, and I am disgusted. WAKE UP AMERICANS! YOU ARE BEING DUPED!

Who I am.

So... a lot of people have asked me why I think everyone's soul is perfect. I don't think this, I know this. A few years ago, I had this weird electrical impulse in my heart, the technical name was "sustained monomorphic ventricular tachycardia" It is very rare to see someone so young as I was, with this condition. They treated the condition with ablation surgeries (a catheter up my main artery to burn my heart--32 times!). The first time they tried this operation, I died on the operating table.

While I was “dead,” I retained consciousness. I went to a higher state of being. There I became one with everything that has ever existed, that has ever been alive, that ever will be alive, not just here on this earth, but everywhere. The level of joy and peace and connection in this state of higher being is truly indescribable. Only at rare times now, can I feel a small sense of it. I cannot fully connect with it, but even a small sense of it gives me complete peace. Sometimes when I look at the moon, or when I hear the wind, or when I look into the eyes of a person who is aware of their own soul, then I see and feel that connection briefly and beautifully. When I died… it felt like an infinite amount of time passed. I was gone forever, because there is no time there. Like a flash, I had an idea, “do I want to live again?” I thought “yes.” So somehow I was ladled out of this primordial soup of our connection we share… and I was shocked to find myself in the same body that I had been in last. It still stuns me today, to tell you the truth.

Since then, I tend to see people as their souls that I know I am connected with. Some are easier to do this with than others, as some are aware, and some are lost. For those of you who know me, you know, I’m not a saint or anything, I get pissed off, and am just as petty and full of shite, as anyone else, but in quiet moments, when I concentrate and meditate I can re-connect with my own soul, and then I know and feel my soul is perfect, as is yours. Nothing we do here on earth takes away from that perfection deep in our souls, our actions, thoughts, and deeds merely either take us further away from who we really are, or bring us closer to who we really are. And who we really are… is…perfection. We are all one.

My second operation cured me, and I have been happy to be alive everyday since then. (Although some days are still totally full of shite!)

PS: I think one of the keys of getting closer to who we really are, is to forgive, yourself and others. Perhaps another key is to not be afraid of love, and not to dismiss it as "not love" just because it didn't last forever. Love while you can.

American Politics

So I grew up knowing Mitt Romney...He is (was) a really nice guy, with a heart of gold. Im not sure if he has changed or not, but Im still voting for Obama. Im sick of the rich running things, and not helping pay for things poor people need. It's as simple as that. Learn to share all you richies. And yes, there are poor people living off the system... but social programs still only use up 6% of the budget, so build a bridge and get the Fuk over it.

Missing everyone

So... I am trying the whole "don't go online thing so much" That's why I haven't been on. I hope all you lovely people are doing great though. Lots of love to you. Living in real life only though isn't what it's cracked up to be. lol. No one has 1/2 the sense of humor as my friends on wire. WTF? Does it really take anonymity to be funny????

Gender differences

Men's brains and women's brains are two completely different organisms. From day one they view the world differently. It's so easy to stereotype genders. With men, what you see is what you get (i.e. a lot of sexual thoughts, and a want of power? and more, Im sure lol) with women, their desires appear more obscure, and complicated. But in the end, both genders probably just want love and respect. I wonder why we don't give that to each other more readily and often? If you (both men and woman) are lucky enough to be in love with someone, I hope you communicate very openly about what you want, and need, cuz lets face it... the other gender is often clueless about what that might be! Happy day after valentines day.

Going away, miss u!

Im outta here to soak up some sun. I'll be back in mid Feb. Have a great time while Im away. I'll miss some of you. haha. Lots of love to all of you.

Just putting it out there

Okay... so when someone's personality really pisses you off, its because you recognize in them, something you don't like about yourself. We all share the same potential. All of us have the yin yang inside us. Stop projecting blame onto others. Recognize the "demons" within you, and then you can stop fearing the "demons" in your external world. If you do this, you don't have to live in fear. Only when there is no fear, can you grow. This statement holds true for individuals and for entire countries.
The earth is a living organism, and we are living organisms, made up of cells. cells react and grow according to their environment. You can control your reaction to your environment. You can control your life. Accept who you are by consciously deciding your reactions to everything you encounter in life. Do not follow the herd, and do not accept or reject things simply because others have said to do so. Take responsibility for your own reactions. This will make you feel more alive, and will bring you to a greater level of awareness.
I know these statements are taking complex ideas and over simplifying them... but I think somewhere within the simplicity of thought lies our true nature, i.e. our soul, and Im just putting it out there. (Haha, and if anyone reads this, Im sure some of you will think this is really "out there" As usual, love to all of you.

fake pics?

So, I had a good friend who I originally met on wire. It turns out he misrepresented himself in pics. I don't really care about what he looked like, I just liked being his friend. Among other things, we had many discussions about fitness and diet and stuff. Which is very odd, as it turns out he is out of shape in reality. So now, we most likely wont be friends anymore, which is a shame. I think he feels too strange about the deception. And I am still just a bit weirded out that I was talking to someone I thought I knew, and really it was someone who at least looked completely different, and someone who was purposely being deceitful. And... he has a great smile in real life, so why hide that??? So, for any of you who have fake pics up, why? Don't you actually want to be loved and appreciated for who you really are? Are appearances really that important? I have many good friends that don't fit the stereotypically good looking mold, and some I even flirt with Its the brain and the personality that are a turn on. Everything else is secondary. Especially on the internet! Anyway, I hope everyone has the courage to just be themselves, for better or for worse. Anyone with real pics (I hope all the rest of you I know!!) please feel free to comment too. Does this happen all the time? to all of you, no matter what you look like.

Level 10

OMG!!!!! I made it to level 10! bow b4 me mere plebes. hahahaha, the power, the power....its so damn intoxicating! Bwahahahahahhahahaha!
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