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i am a white male, 22. like to hang out with friends, drink, party, watch movies and play music. if you want to join my club its child molesters deserve the death penalty. thanks for supporting it

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javasp: :/
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KKAAlinda: The cops are out looking for sweet and awesome people.
My self i don't have to worry,but where do i hide you ?!

Send this to all the people you care about!
But hurry up before the cops find them!
If you get 4 back you're an Sweet awesome person
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KKAAlinda: There are 100 angels in this world!!
40 r sleeping!!
30 r working!!
20 r playing!!
9 r blessing!!
And 1 is reading this message!!
Send this to 10 people ~!~ including me
If u get 1 reply ...u r poor in relation!!
If u get 2...u need some one to support !!
If u get 3..u r average in nature!!
If u get 4 u r friend to many!!
If u get 5 replies someone luvs u!!
If u get 6 some one really wants u beyond love!!
If u get 7 some one is praying GOD to get marry with u!!
If u get 8 u r so mankind!!
If u get 9 u r worthfull having friend like ME!!
And if u get TEN replies ...
I“m worthfull having friend like YOU!!
I hope I'll get this back VERY SOON .... there are 100 angels in this world!!!
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