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Titanic Roseman

Although having heard the song my heart will go on for a long time,I saw the movie Titanic for the first time yesterday.I was shocked by the separation of the first and the third class.Even if in the emergency to escape,the first class women have the priority to go,like Rose’s mother,while people in the third class were imprisoned.

Still I was touched by some details, like the seaman who got the man's money and didn't let him go into the boat,threw the money on his face and said money couldn't save him. Then he mistakenly shot a man who was pushed forward by others, afterwards he suicided.I thought the man’s personality was very honorable.In the emergency,he could do all to save women and children.

When water poured in,an old couple were lying in bed,with their hands holding tightly. Then a woman told her son and girl that after 300 years,they would become youth and beauty,too.I think people who could face death so calmly was very scarce and the love was also very sincere.

Of course,the most exciting things were how Rose and Jack helped each other to escape from the boat.They met many difficulties when getting away,but never separated,until at last Jack fell into water.Before that, he put her on the board so that she would not be soaked in water,and also encouraged her to live well,to have some children.That could express their pure-hearted love.I was so touched at the moment.

After watching the film,I thought a lot. .Rose and Jack were from different stratums,she loved him in only a few days made me curious.Perhaps she loved his talent in drawing,humorous talk and unfettered life while she was living in a shadow of deception and lacking of love.Then if Jack and Rose both escaped from the boat,would they be a lovely couple?I think they wouldn’t.Jack was poor,he could only afford her a shabby house,an uptight life and he liked to gamble and drink,while Rose was a very decent woman who lived a luxurious life,so there would be much dispute between them.The love is eternal just because it was transient.As for reality,that would not happen.

Like me,my boyfriend came across me in the college in a sunshine day.I was going to the library but happened to drop my books,then he picked them up with a smile in his face.So I was grateful,then accompaied him to the library.Afterwards,we communicated more and more,he helped me in my study and life and I fell in love with him.I thought I was the most happiest woman in the world at that time.

But as time went by,I discovered many differences between us.Yes,every man will say I love you sincerely or I swear to do anything for you,etc.But those are only his words.Time can test one’s heart well.I think in reality,warm relationship is ok,but when you have the same activities like eating,strolling at the streets,or watching some movies every weekday without new idea,you will feel boring.Being compared with Titanic,Rose had an exciting day in her boring life,so she cherished it and loved Jack.But in reality,how can one hope everyday is an exciting day?Maybe money would do some good,but her fiance was dirty in his mentality and also a coward in depression of 1929.So a sincere lover can’t be found easily.As for me,a warm relationship is what I need,but I need more love in mentality.When we affiliate with each other for long,love will become more important,because we will be in reality,will see each other’s shortcomings,will try to accommodate with each other.

Morning Around The House

It was an autumn morning, the alarm clock woke me up at 5:30 am.After finishing my breakfast,I went out to the univerysity.It was still silent around the house,so I could hear birds singing clearly, feeling a sense of happiness.But subtly,a violin tune was coming from far away,accompanying with weak desolation,as if someone was telling me a sad and beautiful story.
Appreciating the music,I felt that everything I saw was full of vitality but with different mood.Like the trees swaying gently in the morning wind,they gave me a feeling of gravity.The flowers dancing on the limbs made me feel happy.The green grass gave me color of life,making me comfortable.
I was on my way to the bus station and saw many people doing different things. In the lane,I saw some old people exercising with music,so seriously,I thought,while people who were strolling with the dogs were playing happily.Some students were accompanying to the bus station,chatting unconstraintly,while a milkman was driving a milk bottle car hastily outside.
Unconciously,I got to the bus stop.Next to it,some vendors were selling breakfast with their sound floating in the sky,coupled with thick aroma of the food,while a man was supporting a blind man acrossing the street with his hands.
From the scene of the morning,I could perceive what a society was going on.Everything and everyone was in order,in different mood,doing different things,but combined so flawlessly.You could see many good people and good things,feeling the development of the society.Meanwhile, you could taste happiness of most of the people living here and also some sadness.Society was developing,I thought more and more people would be happy if we controlled our own fortunes.
With a bang came the bus.I got on it and saw everything outside the window,meditating……

My Trip to Yellow Mountain

In a fine morning of September,I was ready to climb Yellow Mountain,a famous mountain in Anhui province.After waiting in line for a while,I got on a cable car and flied toward a place 800 metres high.Looking through the windows of the car,I could see cliffy rocks ahead of me,with pine trees living on them. As told by my guide,their roots penetrated in the rocks, producing something acid to erode them and surviving by assimilating the rock's water. Still I can see mountains around me and deep canyons below. I was very excited for I hadn’t been so high before......
My guide told me that there are different landscapes on the Yellow Mountain. In spring,azaleas are blooming all over the mountain; In Summer,it is cool on the mountain and you can see waterfall pouring down; In autumn, red leaves and blue sky decorate the mountain perfectly,You will feel comfortable in it; In winter, the snow covers the mountain, it's cold but not freezing and you can see cloud sea mostly in winter.
Although I didn’t find red leaves everywhere,yet surely I saw some ones looking like fire flapping in the morning wind,waving us coming from far away.
Unconciously, the cable car reached its top, How excited I was to see a long ladder exhibiting before me.Oh, my real trip began.After walking for some time, I got to a place called Yu Ping Floor.On the left was a lion stone like a huge lion seen from the airplane,with the famous greeting guest pine in front of it. There were pine needles on one side of the branches.,but nothing on the other. Some branches were sticking ahead,like greeting guests. On the right side,there was an elephant stone.How real it was,I couldn’t stop thinking about climbing on its big nose and taking some photos.
Behind the floor, there was a huge stone called lying buddha, a few hundred metres long, with high nose, clear eyebrows and eyes and a vivid profile looking like a buddha sleeping on the floor serenely. I had to appreciate the nature’s art. It gave us marvellous shock.Viewing beyond,I can see some other sites like squirrel jumping on Tian Du apex, peacock playing lotus apex,etc. Breathing the fresh air deeply and taking some photos would be a nice choice.
The guide told me that Yellow Mountain was famous for its strange pine, weird stone, cloud sea and hot well. Then I was impressed by its pines and stones,still I should admire people’s imagination to give the sites so nice names.
As for strange pine,on Yellow Mountain,every pine has its own shape,or tall and straight,or coiling,or with unknit crest,or spiky like a blade. While walking down the first site,I saw a pine called sending guest pine,tall and staight,like sending guests off.Still I saw another one with unknit crest on it below the eagle stone,like a kneeling cushion called kneeling cushion pine.I thought strange pines were everywhere,giving you different tastes and imagination.
On my way to lotus apex,cloud mist rose before me,like batt,dimly discernible.It seemed I was walking in the paradise and could vaguely see the lotus apex,the tallest one 1864 metres high.The main apex projected,with small ones clustering round,like fresh lotus opened and full bloomed towards sky.
Walking round lotus apex,on my way to the 200 pace scaling ladder,I saw a famous rock called piggie writing a love letter.Maybe you watched the TV play called“Journey to the West”,in it a character like a pig called piggie who flirted Miss Gao in his journey to the west. The rock was 3 metres tall,having a long mouth like a piggie wearing a gold crown, with one hand holding a mirror,another one holding a brush.So you could imagine that he was writing a love letter to her,and if someone's first name was Gao,she would be very happy by receiving the letter.A lovely story,I can imagine strong Chinese culture filtering in the mountain’s landscape.