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About me hmmmm... I have Aspergers, ADHD, Manic Bipolar, Chronic Depression. I value intelligence greatly. I despise absolute BAKAS. I am bisexual. I love to learn, I love romance, I love animals, I love to write and read, I love music. I get excited easily. I am a hopeless romantic. I am loud and some call me obnoxious. Yes I am very wierd and different, so if you dont like all of me then fuck off. I have real friends, I have no need for fake ones. I love Backstreet Boys, Anime, Adam Lambert, my little brother Topher, I love being happy, and most days I only get that feeling from music, anime, fan fic stories and other books and movies. My best friends Chrissy, Hales and Parker say I am very sweet and possess a golden heart. I can also be a very big pervert. I am blunt, I dont lie and I dont cheat. Want to know anything else just ask. I am with the most amazing man, Dustin Tyler Vanwinkle, who makes my heart thump hard. I love him very much.

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