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36 Divorced Female from Conway       59
Zero interest in sexual shenanigans with you. Zero.

Beyond that, I’m terribly dark, disturbed and unbearably broken. My mind is not okay and I’ve not met anyone who can tolerate it for long, much less relate. No, that is not a challenge... only truth.

This picture is surely me, but it is only a snippet. Your mind fills in the rest with fantasy. I’m not that. You would not find me attractive, I assure you. And, no, I will not send you pics to prove my point. I limit the amount of extra pain my heart endures when/if I can.

Take care.

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truegentleman: sexy and nice
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AverageWhiteGuy101: Interesting home town. Conway Twitty got his name from Conway, Arkansas and Twitty, Texas. Thank you Music Choice Classic Country.
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loveman_397302000: wow you are very pretty
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