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abandoned soul
abandoned soul: .
..theres a little girl..
..laughing out of my window..
..two floors down..
..somones sending her nuts..
..with screems and laughs..
..over n over n over ..
..with stop for abit..
..then more..
..theres a voice activated toy..
..making her laugh..
..shes screaming..
..the damanding voice..
..calling for somthing..more..anything..
..then laughter ..
..and on and on..then back..
..and screem and hail of laughter..
..and scrrreeeeeeeeemmssssss..
..and hails of high pitch..
..and her loving the sound of her own sounds.. ..her own voice..and of course
..and laughter..
..and later more squeals forever..
..and then loud..
..and high pitch saying somthing..
..blured voices..

...performance ends ...

By anonymous young girl.
and me copying

Beautiful in my opinion has nothing
to do with looks,
its how you are as a person,
and how you make others feel
about themselfs.

2015 christmas poem is done, i hope you like it


Give your mummy and daddy a big christmas hug
look up if there if thats where there at
there thinkin of you
and KNOW that your a loved soul

never be too old
spend the best of your soul
pick a fight where ones needed
be the last soul standing
A loved, true, happy, good, soul.

by michael empathy


MAY your love remain Precious , boundless , true
YOUR soul , a thing of beauty , shrinking infinity
YOUR joy , a thing found in a small flower amongst weeds
YOUR friendships , a thing of love , infectious laughter , endless joy
YOUR smile , a thing of freely given beauty
YOUR heart , a thing of bravery , never saying no to the good fight
YOUR understanding's , a thing of truths , empathy , contentment
YOUR loved ones , a group getting your very best , giving theirs
YOUR life , a thing of amazing wins , small and great
YOUR mind , a thing of constant wonder , endless discovery
YOUR love of people expand to generosity for the poorest
LASTLY may you KNOW your a loved soul

by Michael empathy.


may your soul
be a slayer of evil
your empathy
stronger than your fear
your fear
without hatred
your love
pure … and true

by michael empathy.

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