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4 Day Fast

This is my first experiment fasting. The goal is for an improvement in lifestyle rather than weight loss so it includes a heavy bulking stage, I currently weigh 56kg at 5'7. If it goes well I would switch to eating a week's food over the weekend and having a 5 day fast. I haven't totally optimised the macros; ie, reducing carbs on the final day of eating to enter ketosis faster, not getting enough protein (as muscle gain and retention is also a goal) and surely missing out on some nutrients. I have a daily calorie maintenance of 2,400 * 7 = 16,800 of food to consume in 2 days (8,400 per day). I'm only doing a 4 day fast so that number becomes 14,400 (rounded down to 14,000 for a small calorie deficit and easier for me to digest. 7,200 per day of eating).
The two days will consist of the same meals:
2,550kcal of that is coming from low sugar granola; giving me lots of carbs, good fats and a good nutrient spread. Speaking of spread, I'm also having 2 thickly spread slices of Nutella for about 600 calories. Then I will eat a meal, I haven't decided what yet but it will be about 700 calories. Then I will order a delivery of a 13" pizza, cheeseburger, garlic bread, potato wedges and a drink (known as the hungry man from my local fried chicken shop). This is a dirtier bulk than I would have liked but I need the calories and it will make me very happy. I estimate the delivery to be about 2500 calories; that gives me a total of 6,350 (850 short). I'll make up the difference through eating cereal bars and extra granola during the days.

Things to track:
- I want to reduce the constant craving for the next meal that I currently experience so I'll keep track of how uncomfortable it is, it should ease throughout the week.
- I want to keep track of my energy levels throughout, this will include: how many pushups I am able to do; How motivated I am to workout, how it feels getting out of bed each day and general tiredness.
- I will monitor my bodyweight throughout, i expect to put on about 3-5 pounds after the bulk and then obviously I'll gradually return to where I was. I want to also monitor my body shape, I think that I will look a lot slimmer after the fast as my stomach is empty and my fat cells will have diminished in size.
- Lastly I want to track my overall happiness compared to my regular eating habits with the knowledge that my emotions vary a lot from week to week anyway.