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iIamwolvesbane: i find it funny that people think the idea of a one world governmet is a laughable idea, but they are able to accept the united nations and the geniva convention. (world government policy organizations) maybe the reason for this is that the general population is hypnotized since birth to these mainstream ideas:
1. the government has your best intrests in mind
2. the government doesnt lie or keep secrets
3. not to question the government
4. the USA is a democracy
but i know that all four of these are total lies. the government only cares for power and money. and it will use any "expendable
assets " to get what it wants. there are several accounts of george bush and donald rumsfield making contadictory statements abouts the intel for the war in iraq, iran, and afganistan. "without true knowledge how can you separate the truth from a lie" research, research, and more research. the whole truth is what we the people need, and i garuntee you that the government is not going to make the first gesture. citizens in usa should make a political movement for truth. sociably acceptacle= politicaly controlled society
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PureBlood STORM: Lol look what's happening today!
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