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A Moomin (A Believer). And I'm not a Believer in any Saheeh Al Bukharee books, nor the rest of the Saheeh Sittah.

A Tanzeel (A Revelation) from Ar-Rahmaani (The Alleviation) Ar-Raheemi (The Alleviating) (41:2) is Jibreel's [ Gabriel ( a noble messenger) ] speech (81:19) and Allah's (The God) words (48:15), revealed on Ahmadu's [Muhammad (A Praiser)] (61:6) heart by Allah's (The God) permission (2:97); increasingly over a period of 12 months (9:36).

39:23 - "Allah reveals (an) excellent al hadeeth, a kitaab (a book) ..."

53:59 - "Is (it) so from this, the hadeeth, (they are) amazed?"

2:285 - "Aamana Ar-Rasoolu bi maaa unzila ilay hi min rrabbi hiy wa Al-Moominoona. Kullu aamana bi Allahi wa malaaa'ikati hiy wa kutubi hiy wa rusuli hiy. Laa nu farriqu bayna ahadi mmin rrusuli hiy. Wa qaaloo sami` naa wa ata` naa; gufraana ka rabba naa wa ilay ka al-maseeru" = "The Messenger believe by what (is) revealed to him from his Lord and the believers. Each believe by Allah and His angels and His books and His messengers. We never divide between one from His messengers. And says "We listen and We obey; Your Forgiveness Our Lord and to You, the destiny."


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