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iandaniels1987: right all you wire people !! Anyone that knows me on here will know I speak my mind !! And wouldn't say anything that I wouldn't say too your faces !!! I don't hide behind computers or phones !!! But 1 thing I will say too all the fake people on here stop !! it's weird !! But there is people on here here that take your word as a promise ! And get hurt !! Stop bein fucking freaks you weirdos !! All I'm sayin is there has been people I've spoke too and they are really happy then !! They say oh no he's speaking too some one else now !!! It's fucked up !! There is a lot of vunreble people on here !! So too all you lads that have girlfriends or women that have boyfriends!! It might be a joke too you and fun !! But out there could be some one being hurt because of them actions!!! And fuck all you weirdos and freaks 🖕Get a grip fucking idiots lol
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