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Zero interest in sexual shenanigans with you. Zero.

And, you know what? If you don't have time to give of yourself in your "about" section, I have no interest in you, as I already find you boring. Move on to simpler folk and leave me be.

Beyond that, I’m terribly dark, disturbed and unbearably broken. My mind is not okay and I’ve not met anyone who can tolerate it for long, much less relate. No, that is not a challenge... only truth.

This profile picture is surely me (and within the last year or so), but it is only a snippet. Your mind fills in the rest with fantasy. I’m not that. You would not find me attractive now, I assure you. And, no, I will not send you pics to prove my point. I limit the amount of extra pain my heart endures when/if I can.

I, sadly, liken myself to fire. From a great distance, I can be alluring and present the potential for possibility. Closer, some may find beauty and warmth. But, to really know me, one must enter the heart of the fire... which only burns, scars and destroys.

Let me further revise... NO, you will not be different. I know you might think you will, but you WON'T. Save us both some energy. I don't have time for your "I see things differently" bullshit. Really, I do not.

Take care.

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