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abandoned soul
abandoned soul: the 2015 christmas poem is done, i hope you like it


Give your mummy and daddy a big christmas hug
look up if there if thats where there at
there thinkin of you
and KNOW that your a loved soul

never be too old
spend the best of your soul
pick a fight where ones needed
be the last soul standing
A loved, true, happy, good, soul.

by michael empathy


MAY your love remain Precious , boundless , true 
YOUR soul , a thing of beauty , shrinking infinity 
YOUR joy , a thing found in a small flower amongst weeds 
YOUR friendships , a thing of love , infectious laughter , endless joy
YOUR smile , a thing of freely given beauty 
YOUR heart , a thing of bravery , never saying no to the good fight 
YOUR understanding's , a thing of truths , empathy , contentment
YOUR loved ones , a group getting your very best , giving theirs 
YOUR life , a thing of amazing wins , small and great 
YOUR mind , a thing of constant wonder , endless discovery 
YOUR love of people expand to generosity for the poorest 
LASTLY may you KNOW your a loved soul 

by Michael empathy.


may your soul
be a slayer of evil
your empathy
stronger than your fear
your fear
without hatred
your love
pure … and true

by michael empathy.

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