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A friend sent me this article indicating some potential advances in the field of skeletal degeneration, esp. involving joints:


These scientists require further funding to carry out Human studies. Just imagine if NATO countries allotted 100 Million dollars to this work, which would benefit everyone (not an insubstantial investment if used wisely) - and then ponder the fact they've given over 100 Billion dollars (with a B) to the NAZI led armies of Ukraine in an unwinnable conflict against Russia.

So for 10 such projects - each with a budget of $100,000,000 - a single $Billion (1,000,000,000) from the current war chest of(100,000,000,000) would be required.

Now you know why medical science is at such a primitive level of development: because our Mafia Capitalist Governments are totally corrupt, and are giving virtually all our tax money to the global arms industry or financial pirates that fund their election campaigns.
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