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What is the mpact of new dancing Police officers in London?

UK Government roll out ‘dancing Police officers’ in a desperate attempt to improve Community relations:

The Dictatorship of Capital

The very notion that the population of Greece should have their say in a Referendum over acceptance of austerity measures to bail out the banking system has caused ructions and indignation throughout Europe, with every institution of Capitalism shaken at the prospect of workers, briefly holding a thin thread from the reigns of control the Capitalist ruling class believe are inherently their own

Who controls the fate of Greece, its People, the Prime Minister or the European Bank?

"Greece has been plunged into a deep crisis by the attempts of French President Nicholas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to impose their will on the Greek people, using the most blatant blackmail."

"In Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice, Shylock insists on his right to cut a pound of flesh from the living body of a man who cannot pay his debts. Now the international Shylocks are demanding the right to carve their pound of flesh from the living body of a whole nation. They are wielding the knife that threatens to sever the lifeline that is keeping Greece alive."

The above excerpts, from this article: 'In Defence of Marxism' http://www.marxist.com/greek-government-on-verge-of-collapse-no-to-national-unity-for-a-workers-government.htm

Japan: Nuclear Debate.. (Video)

As Japan faces the nightmare scenario of Nuclear Meltdowns, this essential debate hosted by 'Democracy Now', featuring Anti-Nuclear Activist Dr. Helen Caldicott outlines the catastrophic nature of radiological pollution on all living things:


Support Libyan Revolution, oppose Imperialist aggression!

By Fred Weston

This excerpt from 'Socialist Appeal' journal:

Support Libyan revolution, Oppose imperialist aggression!

On Saturday afternoon French warplanes were the first to bomb Libya, in what one can only describe as open imperialist aggression. This was followed by US and UK ships and submarines launching 110 Tomahawk Cruise missiles. The French are strengthening their position by sending their Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier into waters off the Libyan coast.

Denmark, Norway, Spain and Canada are also sending planes. Italy is providing air bases and ports, while also preparing its own planes. Qatar is sending four planes making it the first Arab country to provide forces to bomb Libya, while other Arab countries – no doubt Saudi Arabia will be among them – are also preparing to send forces.

Since Saturday there have been further bombing raids, presented to the world as a mission to help the rebel held part of Libya against Gaddafi’s jets. Initially the rebels in the east declared they needed no help from outside. Once it became evident that Gaddafi had managed to hold together a significant force, and the revolution had stalled (See Why has the revolution stalled in Libya?), the idea that a no-fly zone imposed from the outside would be the answer gained ground. However, even the Provisional Council continued to insist that no foreign troops should set foot on Libyan territory. In fact, the revolutionary youth in more than one occasion produced banners against foreign intervention.

This explains why the UN resolution is carefully worded, on the one hand excluding “occupation” – with an eye to what we saw in Iraq and Afghanistan – and on the other authorising the use of “any means necessary” to “protect civilians”. Those who called for the no-fly zone are now getting more than they had bargained for. In revolutions and wars there are no short-cuts.

Already in the first couple of days we can see that this operation is not merely to impose a no-fly zone. They have also targeted troops, tanks and other military hardware on the ground, as well as specific buildings in Tripoli.

As Gaddafi advanced towards Benghazi and other cities, a cry went out that the “international community” must “do something” to help the people of Libya against Gaddafi’s forces. The idea was presented that it would be an operation limiting itself to stopping Gaddafi using his superior air power against the rebels. This was merely the excuse with which they were able to muster UN Security Council support for the operation. It is clear now that their aims go much further than merely imposing a no-fly zone...

Full article:

Uprising in Libya: Tremble Tyrants!

SKY, BBC and CNN have presented some exceptionally poor coverage of late on the uprisings in the Arab World.

Here, to redress the balance I present an article from the Website 'In Defence of Marxism', written by leading Marxian activist and author Alan Woods:


Uprising in Libya: Tremble Tyrants!
Written by Alan Woods

Power is rapidly slipping out of the hands of Muammar Gaddafi, as anti-government protests continue to sweep the African nation despite a brutal and bloody crackdown. As city after city falls to the anti-Gaddafi forces his only base is now Tripoli. The East is in the control of the insurgents and most of the West has fallen into the hands of the rebels, including cities very close to the capital.

Just over a week ago the people first rose up in revolt in Benghazi, Libya's second largest city. Since then the rebellion has spread to other cities with lightning speed despite all the brutal attempts by security forces to quell the unrest.

The number of victims is unknown, but it is certainly in the hundreds and Franco Frattini, the Italian foreign minister, said there were "credible" reports that at least 1,000 had died in the clampdown. One French doctor estimated that there were 2,000 dead in Benghazi alone. But neither bullets nor bombs have stopped the movement, which is now sweeping the whole country from east to west.

Gaddafi vowed to crush the uprising irrespective of the cost in human lives. On Tuesday night he delivered an incoherent speech on television, declaring he would die a martyr in Libya, and threatening to purge opponents "house by house" and "inch by inch". He blamed the uprising in the country on "Islamists", and warned that an "Islamic emirate" has already been set up in Bayda and Derna, where he threatened the use of extreme force.

Having lost control of Benghazi, Gaddafi ordered three naval ships to attack it. Reports indicate the naval crew was torn about what to do. This behaviour is a ready-made recipe for pushing more and more sections of the military to abandon the Leader and side with the revolutionary people. This is already happening.

In a desperate attempt to crush the rebellion and create a regime of terror, Gaddafi ordered his air force to attack the people, and unleashed an army of foreign mercenaries on the population. The Guardian reports the words of a dissident Libyan army officer:

“An air force officer, Major Rajib Faytouni, said he personally witnessed up to 4,000 mercenaries arrive on Libyan transport planes over a period of three days starting from 14 February. He said: ‘That's why we turned against the government. That and the fact there was an order to use planes to attack the people’.

“Numerous witnesses in Benghazi have said that while artillery was used against citizens, air force planes did not fire on them here. They did, however, according to Faytouni, drop two bombs inside the Rajma military base to stop weapons falling into the hands of anti-government forces.

“‘The two colonels who defected in MiGs had refused orders to bomb the people,’ he said, referring to a pair of air force officers who fled to Malta in their jets on Monday. He added: ‘There were also two helicopters that flew to Tunis’.”

In a separate incident the pilots of another plane parachuted themselves out and let their plane crash rather than open fire on civilians. The Spanish newspaper El Pais claims that 17 air force pilots were executed today for refusing to fire on the civilian population. A warship which had been sent to bombard Benghazi has defected to Malta..

READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT: http://www.marxist.com/uprising-in-libya-tremble-tyrants.htm