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what is important when we are a family.

recently, i feel so confused ,if money is the most important for us. if we must have a lot of money to keep the happy family.
if we really need all the things then we can feel the feeling of happiness. in my mind i always think that love is more important than others. if we have love we can solve all the problems .money is just for the necessary use. but in this real world .everyone regard that money is the sign of happiness .so i am confused .can you tell me what do you think ,what 's it like in your country.

let me love you prove that there will be miracle in this world.

when we met in the early youth .we both sure that love will be the whole world .if we can love freely if we can stay together ,nothing is imoportant. cuase we neen't bear any responsibilities. in our world ,what we just do is to love each other with the whole heart. we are sure we are just the other part of the we made the life long promise.
when the day is passing .when we are growing up .we can't notice the changes in our life , but it is really exist . we have more thing to deal with . we formed a family and we have more responsibilies on our shoulder. can the love be here , too as the time passing.
my dear ,maybe we have seen lots of the couple diviede for the life burden .for the lost love, for the passion disappeared . what i want to say is let me love you .let me prove that there will be love miracle in this world if you are still love me .if you still want me to companion with . i can love you for the rest life as before. i can prove the miracle.
my dear .let us both keep the promise we have done .even in the immature age. we will go shouder by shouder the whole life with our love angle.

my idea for marriage

Marriage is like two hedgehog for the winter. From near firm, from the cold, so far only one cut off half of the spurs can stick together for warmth, but must endure pain

A bizarre gift

last year on our Wedding anniversary. My husband hold a bunch of red rose to collect me at my work place .when i feel very happy. but when i got the flowers i found that there was a plastic rose in the middle . i wonder why then i asked why was that ? he said that when i married him .i was just as beautiful as a fresh red rose and his duty is to care for me and make me like the plastic rose will be beautiful for ever.
that's the most moved words that he has said to me .
right. a fresh rose can only bloom for a few day. but he hopes that i can be the plastic rose can bloom for the whole life.
thanks my dear husband. whenver i saw the plactic rose i feel i was surrounded with happiness. it is the most bizarre gift that i haved recieved .it is more avaluable than any treasure i have got .

that's my dream

what is i want the more at present is that i can find a beach with a wooden small house which is far away from the noisy city . i just want the house with a big bed a stereo for me to listen to the music . there must be a windwo that faces the sea and let me see the sun when it is rising from the sea. what i want to do is to lie in the bed with lover and read books with the music quietly .when the morning is coming he can give a sweet kiss to wake me up .i always dream of this scence i am quite sure it must be the most beautiful thing in the world. but it is only a dream . i am just a person and i have so many thing that i can't i have to run around this noisy city .maybe for the life .maybe for the people who i love so much.
it's the fact . so what i can do is just leave a small space for me. the space can let me dream of the beautiful place that i desire to go so much. like today .i just cloth the curtain and only a small sunshining can through the curtain and shines on my body .so warm .i lie down in the comfortable bed listening to the beautiful music. close my eyes to imagine the beautiful picture that have occured to me for hundreds of time .at that moment .i feel i have forgot all the tirenss and sadness.
so when you are tired of this world and can not get a high spirit .just find the small space which is only for you .and give yourself a chance to imagine the thing that is just in front of you .that also a way to realize you dream , too .just in another way. wish all my friends can be happy every day.

the meaning of a true friend

a true freind is just like the shinning sun in winter .it can give you warm from body to heart. a true freind is jsut like a cup of cool water in summer. it can make you feel the comfort of the whole body. a true friend is just like the green grass after the rain in sring .it can let smell the freshi air of the life. a true friend is just like the Bright-coloured chrysanthemum in autumn. it can let you feel the beauty of the lives in the time that most of the plants began to lose the color of summer.
a true friend is the one that when you are sad .he give you his shoulder to depend on and listen to your words quitely .without any impatience and words. just listen and listen until .you forget all the unhappy things. and recover to the original state.
a true friend is the one that when you are happy. he will share you happiness .and even laugh more loudly than you .because he got the double happiness. your happiness and feel that you got the happiness also made himself happy.
life is limited .if we can get just one friend like this .that's enough .life is changing ,if you can find a friend like this . it's your luck.
so come on baby .find the true friend. and be freinds for the life time.

what do i like?

i like sunny day. cause i can lie in bed and read the books that i like best listen to the music that i used to listen every day. it's looks so lazy but really cozy.
i like walking in the rain . when it rains slightly , i like walking in the rain without an umbrella and with an apple in my hand . i eat as i walk .maybe it looks silly . but really comfortable.
i like standing in a noisy street with a CD containing loud music and i can see different people passing me .and notice their moving actions and facial actions. i like guessing what are they thinking aobut? how are they feeling at the moment? maybe it looks strange ,but really makes me mix with the life of them.
i like cathcing the snow in winter. and i like the white world. i will see what kind of snow i can grab in my hand. maybe it looks crazy. but really full of chanceable and makes me feel exciting .
theya are the things i like to do when the life seems to stay quite and dull. they can give me colorful thought. they can give me a new mind and can help deal with the work more confindently. and so i can show everyone who passes me the sweetest smile . i hope to bring sunshine to the people who meet me .maybe they are just strangers maybe they are my best friends. nomatter who passes .i wish i can give you my shining smile can let you feel comfortable.
what do you like can you tell me

Don't be afraid of the black shadow in front of you

Don't be afraid of the black shadow in front of you .cause the sunshine is just following .keep on going and it will be always around you though you can't catch it. jus like happiness .it's always behind you .don't turn roung ,don't be afraid .wherever you go ,it will follow .it is the closest friend of you ,but you can never catch it.

can love last for ever?

when we are lovers .we feel we love each other so much ,and we can't see others except him or her. but after we found a family we feel something changing with the time passing .we feel that we don't love each other so much as before .and we begin to find the shortcoming of the other's. so we don't think he o she is the ferfect any more.
but after a quarreling .after a few hours, silence we are sure that we can't leave each other .we are the part of each other. we still love each other so much.
so don't say goodbye easily .you will regret it soom. if we can often recall the sweet time that we spent .we find nothing serious .love is the most important thing in this world. if love is here .we can overcome any difficulty. perhaps we aren't wealthy .perhaps we can't give each other the richest life. but we have love .so we are still the happiest couple in the world.

What is the true meaning of life.

sometimes i feel disappointed .i really want to know what's the meaning of my life .what i hanve to do is to work ,to study ,to try my best to earn more money for my family ,for ma baby. but occasionally , i want to have some space and time only belongs to myself. i can deal with my own things. anything that i like .sometimes i want to be in a place where there is nobody else can find me .how do you like your life .what's your life goal ,can you give some suggestion to change myself.
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