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ray53young: "Confessions Of A High School Quarterback"

At school I have no problem attracting girls, but I find a few of the guys interesting too. The gym shower is like a candy store. I stare at those glistening bodies with all that soapy water running off and imagine what it would be like to touch and be touched.

My favorite fantasy is Walt Keller. He's the wide receiver on my team and has an immaculate body. It's fun to watch his cock sway as he walks through the locker room. He even trims his pubes!  I would love to see him with an erection.  I could have any girl I want, but I'm painfully curious about Walt.

One time I brushed up against him in the shower. He turned and smiled. I should have said something but my mind just went blank. I started getting a boner so I hurried back to my locker to dry off. As I grabbed my towel the guys around me acted like they never seen a flag pole before.

At night I lay in bed thinking about stroking him and maybe even trying to suck on it. Those fantasies always give me boner, so I do what every healthy American guy does until I'm drenched in cum.

Walt and me stayed late after a game to put away equipment so by the time we got back to the locker room everyone was gone. We both stripped and walked into the shower. Walt caught me admiring his cock and made it flop from side to side just to watch my reaction. As I soaped up under the steaming water I could feel myself getting hard. This time I turned and arched my back to get my hair wet. When I glanced at Walt, he was already there. Damn, what a freaking horse!!!

We shut the water off and stood there fascinated with each other. It was thrilling to see such a huge erection! I made the first move by getting down on my knees and gaving his trophy a firm squeeze. I had fantasized about this moment for so long, and now it was just inches away from my face. Nervously I slid my lips over the entire head. It felt so cool!

I moved my tongue as I stroked his smooth hairless shaft. From the sounds he was making, he was definitely into it, so I cupped his balls with my free hand and started to massage. He was struggling to tell me how good it felt. After about five minutes his moans turned into enthusiastic shouts of anticipation. Suddenly he cried out as warm jets of liquid filled my mouth. After the deluge there was a relaxing groan of fulfillment.

Do I swallow it? I suppose it wouldn't hurt. I stood up so he could see my throat move.

My cock was not nearly as impressive, but it was hard as ever and standing straight up. Instead of sucking, he began to firmly stroke me. It was so cool to feel another guy's hand! Just then the night janitor walked past the shower and stopped dead in his tracks.

"What are you boys doing in here?"

"Ahhh, nothing sir! We were just late getting our showers."

"That's not what it looked like to me!" he said sternly.

"Please don't report us! It won't happen again, I promise!"

"Well, I suppose I could cut you a break, but on one condition..."

"Anything sir, anything!"

"You two continue right where you left off, and I will watch."

We looked at each other in dismay and shrugged our shoulders. I was still hard as a math equation, so to get us out of this jam we needed to put on a show. Walt got down on one knee beside me so the old man could see everything. He wrapped his left arm around my waist to steady himself and went to work.

Oh fuck it felt so good, and for some reason the audience made it even more exciting. The pervert was nodding and had a big grin on his face. I never expected anything like this, but it was better than getting kicked off the football team. Walt was now stroking me at warp ten and I felt my mustles tence in excitement. I gasped and wheezed in that final moment of panic begore letting loose. I shoot powerful streams all the way over to the floor drain. The janitor leaned his mop against the wall and clapped.

"Boys, you made my evening! I haven't been able to get a boner like that for at least ten years and just wanted to share your moment. I didn't mean to scare you, but an old fart like me couldn't pass up the opportunity for a little entertainment. Now you fellas have a safe trip home and good luck in the playoffs next week!"

He picked up his mop and was on his way. As soon as we heard the locker room door shut we both broke into laughter. Both of us quickly grabbed our towels, got dressed and got the hell out of there.

We never did anything like that again. Well, ahhh, at least not at school...
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