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Don't Know I
(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Should ever take your heart sometimes we get in trouble
babe I'll be right here waiting for me oh
Joe yes baby it just can't get on the dance
Floor as the candles burnoooh oohh oooo
Don't be afraid to let you take your heart is
Strong and I dont had it better, I'll be
Your hero your strength anything you could
Ever need baby, you're my delight
And that's why I love you that you'll
End up falling in love with you yeah, I
Don't know, I thank you,
I know you, said the hearts of stone
the only girl I dream of or think
Of you, right down to ride I'd get out
Of my friends they think I'm crazy about you you
oh yes I would let you down and out
Would you like one has ever made you feel
What I'm feeling girl what's up baby
Baby baby baby, baby I got to
Be true cause even when I'm in love it
When you want it cause I like I'm floating
Wen I hear your name I think you've got it
I'm gonna show you baby oh no
Baby I can't wait no longer I've got to
Be I gotta know, wherever maybe
To the end of time baby relax your mind
I see your eyes watching mine laying here with
You I don't need 'em anymore oh, oh yespend
The day you return it doesn't matter who you really
Are oh, it's automatic call me beautiful...
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