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I looked for a club where I could get advice, swap tips and tricks for the garden, couldn't find one, so here is one now. Gardening helps me wind down, relax me, but can also be frustrating. I hope...
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My message is to stop animal cruelty and hope you'll join the club. Thank you! :)
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I want all my special friends here the one's i share my great and sad days everyday i want you to know i love you all: :hug: JOYN IN :) ;)
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Name them..............
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if u love choco more then anything in the world join right here ;)
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If you are one of the older ones here on wire . Know you have been there , done that. And are happy to be where you are in life. And could teach a lesson or two to the younger ones. ;) Cheers :toast:...
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Carlsberg doesn't make countries. But if they did they would probably make England
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Greek islands_The best choice for summer holidays...and not only ;)
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Funny vids, favourite comedians, etc
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i dooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
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cats are the best
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A place where greeks and non greeks can relax and say Geia sas!! :D Talk about the wonders and true greek beauty of this amazing country...
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(This club has been deleted)
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The top 10 lists of.......anything you want
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I heard everyone love u
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Get well soon sis, im missing u loads im praying and thinking of u, hope u get better soon and come back to us cos it wont be the same without u u are part of lives and we loves u very dearly...
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us people off the forums rock!! we r crazy funny and top of the most insane ppl! wooooooooooooooo welcome 2 the forum crew ;)
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I have found that bird lovers are very unique people, and often find out that they have alot things in common besides birds alone.<br />I'm always interested in meeting new people.I just thought i...
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S'agapw Ellada mou!!!
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If your crazy then your in.
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fav country in EUROPE
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Only for the polite.....And me!
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This is a place where members of sororities and fraternities can meet up and mingle..and possibly give ideas of how to recruit..Alumnaes of all fraternities and sororities can chat here too.. Come on...
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It will be nice to meet people who love to pay scrabble, this game is fun and not exhausting.....<br /><br />If you are a geek with scrablle, please join the club.<br /><br />Thanks.
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One thing I miss on wire is the fantasy stories. I know we have it in us, I have witnessed it before. From time to time I feel the urge to think about other things than life and work, it helps me...
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Overflowing with fun and imagination and a little Tink-a-tude!
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Everyone who is unemployed join. Maybe we can come up with ideas to get employed. Share stories, ideas. Help each other with résumé’s. Help each other when we are sad and down.
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This is a place where you can ask questions for honest answers.<br />This is a place to post answers to honest questions.<br />
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