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hello! Guess what! I'm bored all my friend have gone to their home to do what? - 2 fzwx&w& SLEEP that's what! It's 15:00 and they r gonna sleep! now tell me dear friends isn't that just sick!? In my opinion sleeping is pretty much something you do when... when there isn't anything else available to be done.
Anyway, like I said- I'm bored so write me something if u want

f*ck it!

Tomorrow’s the first school day! Damn I feel so f*cked up about this that I just wanna hurt somebody!
This was the best summer of my entire life and now it’s over! Damn it


I'm just a week away from the summer vacation! I can't wait!I've had it up to here with school- I've had it up to here with all the teachers, the tests, the homework and all that sh*t! I just wanna be outside and party 24/7!!!!