Nearly the end.....!!!

Phew, January it's nearly ending and hopefully there's going to be a bit more excitement in the next coming months. Looking forward to February as this month brings about my birthday celebrations, then it's Valentines so much more things going on.

Winding down now with the panto too - so hopefully will have more time to spare and get on with new projects.

January the Deadmonth

Yes it's January and I am pretty sure that a lot of people would agree with me in saying that this is the most dead month of the year - no one has any money as it's all been spent on Christmas and New Year, it's a long month so nothing pretty much happens right? WRONG - it's the month that all the taxes go up, everything goes up - salaries stay the same and the vultures (here I'm referring to the banks)are upon you squeezing you dry.

At least we should be merciful the weather is not too bad and we've even had some sunshine here and there.