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rap: loss

i feel so hurt.. yeah, at a loss. i dont wanna grow cold, hate this distance i just want you back, yeah i want you back, feel like i lost someone important. (<333333)

rap: 333

yeah, haha. cmon boy its jus you and me you know ion play that safe shi. we not gonna be on a lonely road no more, sail away on a 333 wit me, got me acting up think its time for punishment. fuck wit us you gon die i'm keeping you in line.

rap: lost cause

yeah i'm feeling your gaze, two words in and i'm jus pinned, crying out your name, ye you feel me, bro? yahhhhh! lost in the strain, ye i feel the high, shi. emo boy makin hits they know wassup i'm jus stating facts its the weed makin me vibe, no more light, cannot feel

rap: dustin opps

yuh we gon smoke you like weed you gon be dust when we get done wit you man we still aint showing mercy hell nah, one beam two beam 2 opps dead we aint even gonna try to mess with you cause you gon get knocked out 5 more times and you will never see light

rap: tick

ay i feel like i'm a bomb gonna tick till i blow up yeahhhh, ye i know this is a break but i'm going insane cant sleep cant dream yuh.. your in my head

song: ruin and ash

coming out from my ruin like a phoenix rising from the ashes, yuh wild how you think i would die off, but i never cease to fight harder when i see you online it keeps me going, ha, yuh take me back to the place i had always known i feel safe and content

song: pale ghost

i'm feeling fragile, losing touch in reality, like a pale ghost i shall disappear, fighting for blood, something thats not mine... numbing up my pain inside

song: let down

can't get let down don't get my hopes up, i'm just thinking out loud leave me alone get me out of this dream i'm a let down can't save myself

song: pinned down

you got me pinned lost in your gaze, i find nothing in something, going numb again rejected so many times i can burn anytime, leave me to rot, its safe there
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