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Unhinged Sentiment

In this drafting boat without sails,
spending nostalgic nights over lonely hearts,
watching love happen in digital fairy tales,
pondering the probability of such farce..

Romantic overtones palpable in the screen,
I wonder about the experience of such deed.
This would be a wonderful break to my dull routine.
This is what I want, but is this what I need?
I shall keep a lookout for emotions unseen.

A serendipity meeting, under skies blue,
shyness on red, my face glows in realization,
with one glance at you, my imagination flew,
your smile and fashion, a reason for adoration.

A dose of attention goes a long way,
a small kindness like sunshine's ray,
honest gratitude turns to affection,
from there, a small step to infatuation.

Do you want my heart and passion?
Let's become legends with your actions.

I will love you with compassion.
My adoration the main attraction.

Let me shower you with affection.
Adorable obsession without caution.

I will give you my burning passion.
Let it warm you with satisfaction.

I'll risk it all,
So, take it all.
Spend it all.
Enjoy the rush of sanity's fall.

and this is what I want.
this is definitely what I need.

Let's ride through hell together,
timeless revolution our blazing path.
No obstacles against combined wrath,
our enemies we will turn into bloody weather.

Our bond strengthens,
we will never despair,
conquering with our power,
the heavens themselves.

and as I close my eyes,
I think deeply to myself,
is this really what I need?
is this really what I want?

Smiling to myself in this wonderful delusion,
satisfied to this most delightful conclusion,
that I'm drowning in delightful fascination,
its okay, for my dullness, you are salvation.

I'll spend my life, just loving you.
My life and destiny are yours.