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FistOfStone: when I say that I know that a proposition is true, i am not reporting the presence of two things – 1) the fact stated by the proposition and 2) the knowledge, such that 2 guarantees 1 to be a fact – rather, -i- am guaranteeing that it is a fact ... this is why it does not have to be the case that what i say i know cannot -conceivably- be false in order for me to be justified in saying i know something (it does not have to be inconceivable that candy will become illegal in order for a candy company to be justified in offering a guarantee that their candy will melt in your mouth, not in your hand) - and, in turn, this is why epistemological skepticism a la descartes, which says that i can only be justified in saying i know something if it cannot -conceivably- be false, misunderstands what knowledge claims are

hence it is not the case that "we don't -really- know anything for sure"
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