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evonjanicelopez: In my life, I learn a lot and how I should trust God even in my deepest sorrow when no one believes in my story. I could not blame them but I could not even be happy when they left me when I needed somebody to encourage me to be strong. To those friends who believe in me I would like to thank you for all your support and encouragement, when I cry its not because I am sad, but I was touched by people who always there for me when I feel so down and depress.I love you guys...I would treasure you in my life forever. For those who don't believe and even taking advantage for my weakness, I hope all will be well for you, I am praying that what happen to me will not happen to you. praying the best in your life though I know you are not really a real friend to me. I still will call you as my friend but never trust you again.

I will not be in jail anymore because i met a friend in court today who turned to be lawyer in one of the court in our city and so kind to me that he handle my case and even paid my credits. It's really a great miracle that God send me somebody in my deepest sorrows.

Thanks you so much to him...
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