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adelad: If i was to pick one person on this terrestrial rock to travel thru space for the greater good, id pick you, lol dont mean to be creepy, i was mpressed with ur cosmic thoughts , we are def not alone and we need to be peace loving humans so we dont scare the aliens away, there will be a time when both entities will freak out knowing for sure theres other intelligent 'things' out there! we must be in the quiet part of the greater cosmos because we dont see closer galaxies in our skies ,,,yet,,,, andromida will one day grace our skies larger than our sun approaching us and will collide with us prolly in around the year ,,,60000 and wouldnt that be spectacular site to see { 1420mhz} sandbagging 'over and out'
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Ruination: Gay!
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Evelyn99: Think we will mingle with Androma without even noticing
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