Back from Cincinnati Jazz/R & B festival

Just back from the concert...

El Debarge was was so incredibly hot...over 100 degreesF, yet through sweat and all, he gave it his all, and did phenomenal!

Laura Izibor great great GREAT! she wasn't the most energetic of the performances, but love her voice, and the music!

Kem...not a huge fan of his, but he gives an awesome performance that even I can appreciate.

Keisha Cole...AWESOME, high energy performance, through the sweat and all, she looked phenomenal, evidently she recently had a baby. The choreography was beautiful, the show was top notch.

The whole weekend was great...I went to a bar/club downtown...what a way to remind me how old I am

Got carded, with the added comment "I know you're probably of age, but I gotta check"...and was surrounded by a bunch of weird kids once I got in. Got hit on by young homeless hippies who were "travelling broke and sexy" was I after a few choice shopping excursions!

It was so hot, and I was so dehydrated that after two beers, I was dizzier than I care to be, and had to cut myself off.