the littlest things make me laugh ^_^
it's not hard to please me.
i'ma free-spirit. i'm strong and determined.
in future i hope i could work with cancer patients , and afford them anything i can ... at least my smile

Who ever you are ! if you want to tell me sth , just go for it ;D im not that mean person , i'll not think of you in a wrong way ^_^

to all my fans ! and the shy ones too ! i just wanna tell you that i really appreciate all your messages , words , the links and works you send to me , you are awesome people and im a lucky person to have all of you !

my favorites :::
classical piece :
pavane <3 <3 <3 for gabriel faur <3
singer :
musical instrument:
master piece of art :
The Magdalene with the smoking flam .by bojero
book :
the twenty-fifth hour .
poem :
Phenomenal Woman by maya angeleo
MY OWN Quotes :::

*NObody smiles 4 no reason !
* I don't give second chances AT ALL !
*Control yourself or someone else will control you.
* pink on males is disgusting .
* الدموع تدل على الضعف , و الرجل الذي يبكي يسقط في نظري
* it is so ridiculous to see a guy chewing gum .
*you know something , you worth something .
*if you want to impress me ....... just be mature !
* people who can enter my heart are lucky... my friends <3
* the guy who talks to so many girls is just silly , and doesn't deserve to have a small chat with me .
* actions can speak louder than words .
* اعشق الجمال !
* المرأة مخلوق جميل .
* i love being a woman .

books on my wish list :::

remember me .
pretend you don't see her .
the reader .
the lovely bones .
roses are red .
september .
rose madder .
silent honor .
bag of bones .
veronica decides to die .


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