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45 5'8 130 36B If you see me here it means that I am feeling like receiving the company of a heterosexual man at least 30. It means have fixed my lipstick very deliberately perfect as I looked into the mirror and contemplated what I was about to do. Tonight I am alone, illuminated only by garish street-looking screenlight, seated on soft quality black leather. numbers: 47, 130, 5'8", 36B, long auburn, green...

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easylegs to amyone4: hi....it is lydia....been cooking in my Kitchen.....dining later by myself tonight.....mmmmmm.....oh fuck....you keep coming to my mind mmmmm thinking of how you treat me so good...just in wraparound kilt no top didnt go through my same ritual of lips heels thigh high stockings rather just as i usually am when i cook...didnt go to chatroom yet dont think i will but you might see me there hmmmm maybe i will log in chat
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trailbreaker: message me,,lets chat
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robertwilly123: Hello*wink *
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