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50 Divorced Male from Durham       9
Disclaimer: Not a real doctor

I'm an honest genuine single dad who is pretty open minded to most things but not really interested in any kind of dirty or sexual chat. Effectively asexual but prefer the company of girls due to a nonsexual appreciation of the female aesthetic and other qualities.

Please don't bother me if you're just looking to sex chat or are into BDSM, anything undignified, anything brainless, anything ghetto, anything trashy, or if are half plastic.

I have a special appreciation for smart girls who are into extreme and extensive body modification, the more extreme the better, so long as it's not sexually motivated. How far would you go to express your sense of art?

Friends always welcome if they have original thoughts and hearts.

If you see me in a room that seems sexual, the subject is likely of interest to me in a nonsexual way. If that is too hard to grasp then please save both our time by not messaging me. Thanks.

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