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Trivia Blog : December 3 2021

Game #3 for the December 11th Trivia Night has been established as "Places / Movies: Multiple Choice Pairs".
For details - http://www.drnostromo.com/movies/trivia.html

Trivia Blog : December 1, 2021

Game #2 for the December 11th Trivia Night has been established as "General Trivia" with bonus questions for extra points. For details - http://www.drnostromo.com/movies/trivia.html

Trivia Blog : November 27, 2021

Game #1 for the December 11th Trivia Night has been established as "Name that Song / Artist". For details - http://www.drnostromo.com/movies/trivia.html

Trivia Blog : November 14, 2021

Congratulations to Our Winner
for Trivia Night: November 13, 2021

Last night's event was pretty insane, running over 6 hours, clearly establishing it as a test of endurance as well as a test of useless knowledge. For those on the east coast, who stayed up till 3am to finish the event, I heartily salute your masochistic dedication for torture!

On that note...

The popularity of the game, and the additional players that has attracted, is obviously having an affect on the length of the event. I mean, 6 hours! That's insane!! So, I'm going to make the following 3 changes which, I'm hoping, will bring the events down to a manageable length for most everyone.

The events will still be scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of the month (next one is December 11, 2021) but they will start at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern. With the other changes I will be implementing below, I'm hoping we can have the events end by midnight on the East coast. Baseball fans should be pretty used to this schedule.

Currently, each event has 4 games with 30 questions for each game. I'm dropping this to 4 games with 20 questions for each. Not only will this reduce the length of each game considerably, that also means I have to come up with 80 questions instead of 120 for a single event. The savings in time for 40 questions may provide me with enough extra time to schedule 2 events a month, as suggested by a few players. We shall see.

This other change appears to be quite minor but makes a big difference over the course of an event. Originally, the timer was set to 15 seconds per question. Over the course of time, and due to lag on occasion, this has been increased to 30 seconds. What I noticed last night is that for 2 of the 4 games, 30 seconds was clearly too long. And one of the games required that we expand it to 40 seconds. So, rather than set a general time, the question period will be game specific. This simple change may speed up the event by as much as half an hour or more.

In closing, I just want to throw a huge 'Thank You!' out there for the players that have made this successful. I enjoy hosting the game immensely and it's good to see my efforts have been bringing a good deal of fun to everyone involved.

The leader board for the November 12, 2021 event has been posted. For that, and all the details for Trivia Night can be found here:

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