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markopolo006: If you forget tomorrow, here are the bullet points:

- Your sister is a magical Wizard and wordsmith and possibly the most desirable woman. Ever.
- You can normally type 95wpm but in times of (redacted) this slows down to about 67.
- If you were on a raft you would go to the Jungle to buy a Castle.
- Your castle flag would unsurprisingly be a Pot Leaf.
- Your kingdoms instrument of choice is the Trumpet.
- In times of (redacted) your head separates from body and goes "swoosh"
- It takes approximately 15 minutes for you to go from sitting comfortably to needing to " adjust" your posture. This has no affect and ultimately results in a horizontal position.

(This is the short version. For a full debrief, please contact me at 087321herpyderpy)

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