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raksha bandhan

today is a we have a festival known as raksha bandhan when a sister ties a thread known as rakhi on brother`s hand and the brother takes an oath to look after ,protect a sister all over her life all the sisters get ready in indian traditional dress and go to brother`s house to tie rakhi i am fortunate to have 2 sisters and my daughters dont have a brother so they will also tie rakhi to me as i am also their father \ brother , hope to have lot of fun in evening will take my 2 sisters\daughters for pizza and a movie hahahaha

please comment

today is a very special day for me as 100 members of wire club have been kind enough to accept me and honoured as their friend .i most respectfully thank you from inner core of my heart for being my friend ,it is such a great honour for me. all my friends belong to different countries different culture but inspite of so much of difference i had enjoyed lot of their love affection and friendship . at this juncture i request all my friend to kindly comment on my conduct so that i can become a better friend and better person . i also apologize if i have hurt any friend or caused inconvenience to them i want to become a nice friend so please guide me and tell me my mistakes so that i can correct myself.i am also very thankful for the lovely comment i have recd for myself and my family ,thank you ,may the most high bless you all and ur families

in love with herself

a beautiful woman is always in love with herself . what does it mean?

why banned and restricted

why all good things in life are either banned,restricted,prohibited ,or married to someone else?

mother`s day

happy mothers day to all the respected mothers it is the most pious status a lady enjoys she is the one after god or rather she is god for her children as i think when she gives birth to a baby her status is at par with god she is the only goddess for her children and we should always remember it if we discharge all our duties towards her it more better than praying god so today we should make her feel special coz she is the only special person on this earth