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I am here just to remind myself that there is life out there beyond my gilded cage.

I was seriously injured in a near fatal accident 6 years ago. I am now partially handicapped.

I am trapped in a failing marriage, with a husband I have caught cheating on me twice. I am suffering from severe depression, but I am also very lonely and could use some friends.

If you are familiar with the zodiac, I am a true cancer. "Cancers are nurturing and intuitive, and they have a flair for the domestic. They have a knack for serving the people in their lives and prefer emotional attention to material collections" but we retreat into our shells when hurt, and it's difficult to get us to come back out.

I would really prefer talking to people local to me.

I am currently married....but it's pretty much over, and I would not be opposed to changing that situation for the right person. I am not looking to have an affair. So if your a married man just wanting to sneak around for some horizontal fun, please move on to the next sucker. I am looking for true friends most of all, but if something more was to develop, at least we were friends first.

"A true friend walks in, when the rest of the world walks out"

I have good days and bad days. Sometimes conversations with me might not be all happy and sunny. "I never promised you a rose garden"

I would really like to find a "coffee buddy" Someone in my local area, male or female, that would like to just sit and drink coffee and chat. I could use some "real hugs" too.

If you are not comfortable with my circumstances please don't message me. I have enough pain in my life, both physical and emotional


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