The Red Dress

On the day of my grand mothers funeral she told me the story of why she picked out a red dress for my grand mother to be laid to rest in .
When my mother was 10 year's old she and her 4 brother's and sister's
and my newly single grand mother found themselves living in a very
shabby low rent apartment building in Delaware far from their old home
in West Virginia .
My grandmother came down with Pneumonia and relizing she could not doctor herself well she gathered the children and explained to them that she must go to the hospital , she changed into a red dress issued instruction's to listen to their older brother and to be good while she was gone.
my mother and her younger sibling's crying and in a panic begged her not to leave. grandmother hugged and kissed them all and promised them that she would be back.
almost imeditly after my grand mother left my mother ran outside and watched from the stoop till my grand mother and her red dress faded out of site
My mother told me she choose the red dress because she know's they will be together again one day