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her you and me

the alram clock sounds.. at a hazey 6am but you were up way before that sound of annoyness ever arived you have been laying in bed restless tossing and turning for hours since the awful news my fists clench my pillow in hatrd and disgust. Why do things like this happen to me as a tear drop slips in from my self pitty why dose there have to be so much shit and pointless drama for thoese who cringe and hide at the idea of it all. Im one of thoese pepole and last night was the worst night of my penny exsitence on this earth. Wheres all the happy endings all the happily ever afters.. you dont hear about them. Only break ups cheats and drama is the only constant thing that seems to be happening for the last how ever long pepole have been roaming the earth. how could the one u love ... love him and how could you still love her.. after she was loving someone eles? The mind is sick the heart is sick the soul is sick.. how could pepole be such pricks? s~w lust dirty truths dirty excitement have been exchanged for loality comminment honesty and love. what dose love stand for anymore

a new video!!

this is a video i made for a girl i love and so well i sang her this song =] and please take a listen and enjoy

a dam stupid illiousion!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok where do i even begin oh yea thats right i really hate liars with a passion ugg!! how could someone play sutch meaniless mind games on you for no benifit no gain simpley becuse they can its sick!! and stupid and the worst part is they really dont care how u feel or what u say. becuse all along they were this illison of what u wanted too see but u finnaly uncover the beutiful pedals and see the true uglyness hidden deep within. sutch a helpless shityy feeling..... that i always seem to find time and time again f&*x!!


its simple its about exspressing your body and mind looking deeper into things then with your eyes. Alot of things are shrouding your vision its about looking past obstacles that close pepoles minds too the bigger picture whitch is <acceptence love understanding > 1. if you do not understand somthing you should not judge it 2. your actions and feelings make a chain reaction of all the things around you> when one domenio falls they all fall a chain reaction happens why? well it only takes one person 2 get all the rest 2 fowllow

whats my purpose? the more i search the more im lost

why do i mindlessy wonder threw my life searching for somthing i dont even know what im looking for.. just hopeing i find what im suppose to do. so things can finnaly start to make sence and this distorion of a dream can finnaly vanish and ill wake up too who i am. and everthing will be ok again and il finnaly be able to smile and mean it finnaly be able to laugh ill be able to see the good side of things rather then dwelling on the dark shadow that hover's over me like a dark cloud always raining down on me strikeing me with the occasinal lighting of pain and anger of the thunder. Im tired of it all but only in the darkness u can see the light and hopefully walk towards it before its too late..........

my hands

my hands are my talent they write swift words that grasp your thoughts my hands are strong and filled with power the pen's ink hits the paper and my gift has found me i am a writer....

making sence of ones thoughts ........

you ever lose yourself in thought. ever wonder about all the differnt things that happned in life day dream and dwell and simpley think about all the other differnt possibiltys on how your life how it could have been differnt and think if it could have been inproved. Made better or perhaps worse have you ever thought about where your lifes going what road you will go on and if its a long wonderful one or simple dead end where you get lost and never find your way back. have you thought about what it would have been like to take that chance and ended up paying for it. Or not taking that chance at all. And wondering what could have been the outcome of it all. In this life full of mindless choices and regrets on the past and thoughts dweeling alwasy upon ones future. Will our thoughts and questions ever truely be sastifyed ? Proably not .........


seraching for love seraching for a reason a reason to be a reason to help us see who we are always serching never finding but always looking we see the birds flying in the sky but we are chained down to this place chained down too this reality where dreams and fairy tales are nothing but silly thoughts but in the end thats all we got his our thoughts idea's and with them you could fly past the boundiers of reailty and go place's that most have not gone fly to that place called happyness... and threw all the years of serching and never finding there u will see it and the adventure will end as a ner adenvture will begain and time will repeat its self all over again
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