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shout outz, and about my last 2 weeks,

aww nooooo i cant foookin sleep! i'm wide AWAKE!!!!!!

ok ,..here i am lying in my bed, under the blankie with my laptop sitting ontop of me, it's now 2 am sunday , so umm yeh it's actually monday moring and i hav work in a few hours, but i thought it was a great idea to go to sleep earlyier cause i was tired,.......WAY TO GO DAZZ,
now i' not sleepy at all, ive been trying to go to sleep ever since i said goodnight to Kay,
that was fukn ages ago man,.. i tried watchin a movie, tried turning everything off and just closing my eyes, tried looking on ebay, then i fort fukkit, so i came back to wire, offcourse no one is online at this time casue everhyone is dreaming of awsome stuff, comfy in there beds huging there pillow's ...but not dazz.. o-no, not mister dazy wazyy, he's tying away like he is a freegin author of sum fancy smancy book,. but he isnt u no, he's just sum dude who cant sleep,. sum poor sleep deprived lad from kentucky! .hahahah ok i'm kinda getin abit weird now! no i'm not from kentucky! the only thing close to kentucky i get is eating KFC, hah which i still owe kay a family feast! lol shhhh i think she forgot!

hmm well been a massive week for me, well 2 weeks realy, i have bumped into old friend who i had the biggest crush on at school, luv herr soo much she's great! umm i got promoted to manager sorry GOD! of my company , been looking at house and land packages with my manic sis for investment , and i have taken big steps in moving away from my ex i realy let go 2 weeks ago! i was soo weak.!! , yeh it's been hard to let go but in the ast 2-3 weeks i have realy started to put myself 1st,. and i'm am very hay with my life now!
met sum new friends this last week on this thing,

ur fuking awsome! realy mad to talk to, oh and heapz cute!! luv ur monkey photo lol and we live like practictly next door to each other! we r gonna party one night and get heapz smasshed! lol happy i bumped into u !!
also live realy close! this girl i can tell is an absolute trippa! another good person to talk to, i think this one is a wild girl! lol , luv ya chris talk to u soon!

ok now it's like 2-30 and i'm still not even tired! f~# f%* fz$,....
hmmm can sum one please sing me a bed time song! syyyy..!!!!!!! o spy!!! hmmmm ??

also wanna say to all my friends that sory i dont get on much anymore , i'm heapz busy with work and life bla,bla,bla. still luv use all everhyone who's in my friends are there for a reason,!!

my favourte friends this week!
K-the ayyyy,!!! what can i say, ! haha that rhymes! lol
k-dog is the maddest real person ever!!! luv reading ur mails, u make me laugh!
we r goin out for lobster! xoxoxo

SPy: great friend, u hav a heart of gold! one of few that i talk to reguraly!
luv u spyyyyyyyyy

LADYDOVE: dove!,. ur great, i realy enjoy getting mail from u to, "cough cough boooo NZ cough."" hahahahaha, ur a realy nice girl, and i wish u all the happiness u desreve and believe me thats alot!!!! xoxoxox my turtle! lol

CANDICE: i luv BB with all my heart! mad friend also one of my fav peepz for a long time!
we always hav a talk! xoxoxo luv ya bb from dazzman! lol

anyway i'm going to try and attempt to sleep again!
hope everyone has a wicked week! <-- hahah i accidently wrote weed! lol
talk to use when i see use!

xo Dazz

shout outs to my week fav friendz

massive shout out to Kay-
speacial k was the queen of the mountain at bathurst,. always makez me laugh luv talking with u K. i owe u a family feast!!! xoxo

Talzz - talz ur a goose. dont realy understand u sumtimes but u make me laugh 2.just got her stitches out wooooo lol
were gonna go car shopping soon n get u a new skyline b@#zw!!! xo

Muu - lucy is off her head on drugs! lol j'k about to start her trip around australia
look out for melb we go hard down here muu xo

Spyy-- my spybum luv u huney, thanx for hard work trying to get my duck posters, had sum good talks this week lookforward to more! xo

alex - new friend on the list , seems like a trippa! hahahah xo
s%@-babe - new friend on the list , scorpio's fukn rule! happy bday ev

amy get beter soon,

xoxo dazz

new blog from Dazz, Dazz what a guy!!! hahahahahahahahahaha omg

cough cough!
my fellow companions of the wired world!
today is a great day, and will be rremembered in time for a long time ...does anyone hav the time.?
i stand before u, sitting wrting on my laptop which in real life terms i am typeing not writing.
the words i am about to write are letters that join together that will form words, and with luck then join to creat sentinces, this is something i will attempt with high confidence and extreme difficulty, as i do not no what i'm going on about here! haha

i ashore u that i will try my hardest to forfill the job role that u hav givin me, and will retire earlier then expected , as i hav a doctors appointment and my dog ate my homework.
now seriously. i must sayy
hey u fukkazzz wats goin on!!!!! woooooooooo
i'm up n down sum days sorry if i annoy anyone with my up's and downs!
but arnt we all like a yo yo in sum way.? i mean dont we all hav a string tied to sum kids finger spinning fast, and doing alike a rock the cradle yo yo trick! i like to think so!

ok enuff crazy talk.

new shout outs this week! to

chrisTALZ!!!!!!! great new aussie friend who craks me up!
lucymuu - always a good friend and says it like it is!
Kay - had a tuff week, now she's rippin it up in bathurst!! go kay!!
Spy - thanx soo much for my duck hunt! i have faith u will get me a poster!! lol
tel - tuff week aswell, but she's gona pul thrrew she's a fighter!!
bellz - total trippa, hugzzzzz xo
Bubblie BB- heaps of fun talking to u this week , gona be good friends! lol
intan - new friend from malaysia! very nice hope to get to no more she's cute!

well thats my shout out list this week
it's friday now!!!!!!!!! omg sike up fukz! i just woke u to write this so feel prevlidged if u got a shout out! only the best get it!
luv use.
remember my bday soon i want lots of bday mail!! oh i luv mail all the time
please write to me. i luv having a full inbox!
good night and happy friday xoxoxoxox

ladie's and gentlemen..............
welcome to what now will formally be known as dazz's BLOG, now blog is a funny word isnt it.,
one might say that BLOG sounds alot like BOGG !! which in australia and i'm shore many other civalisations means to take a poo! BLOG also sounds alot like POGG that stupid game that i never did understand with the disks and the thing ! yehh u no what i'm talking about that thing!!!
So with out further adew!! << spelling .??
i give you my BLOGG!

. .... ....... ..... ........
.... .... ......... ......
...... ........ ........ ...
... .... ........... ........ ......
.... ..... ...... .... ..........
.. ....... ..... ....... ... .....
....... ........ ..... ..... ....
... ....... ....... ..... .....
........ ...... ..... .....
...... ....... .......
.... ....... ......
.... ... ......
... ......
... ..
... ..... .... ...... ........
...... ....... .......
...... .......
.ooo shit sorry i forgot about all you people reading this hahah, those dots are just so fun to doo! ,

ok never done a BOGG before!!! woops i mean BLOGG lol,
so i'm just gonna write about me a lil and hopefully entertain u for a like 2 mins!

hi,! i'm Dazz i'm 24 turning *******------ OCT 27 so wish me happy birthday u fuckaaas.
omg i just finished my tea! and beat this if you dare! i have just stacked 9 pea's ontop of each other! thats right 9 it's a new record , the pea's are cooked not frozen. i challege everyone and anyone to beat this ! i will post a pic soon on my gallery!

yehhhhhhhhh sooooo at the moment in my life im happy wireclub has helpd fill the gsps of boredom in my life thanx soo much to all my friends ur all the f%w#zyz bomb! u no who u r!
speacial shout out! to Leigha,BB,Lucymuu,Spy,Telaine,K-to the -AY ,Stacey<-who i never hear from anymore!!!! and nikki!!! lol your all really kool people and i luv talking to you. there's so many weird ass dudes n dudets on the net. but i must say u guys are REAL!!!
even tho all you guys are girls! lmao! holy shit i'm such a player! lol
ohh big shout out to my boi's bulbasaur and bugg! mad aussie fwzw!

Leigha:- f@$@$& funny bz~^$... highly recomended as a friend great to talk to and heaps of fun! always makes me smile! xoxo luv u pookie

BB:- such a trippa ,has the same sence of humor as me! very nice person

Lucymuu:- awsome gal! would make a great friend in the real world , add this chick if u havent already!

Spy:- very honest and deep chick! always remember the night we bumped into each other!
will do anything for spy!!!!!

Telaine:- geez wat can i say . hahah telz is the best but i doo wonder if she ever gets off wireclub! lol luv ya telzz

Kay:- my melb b%&wz! hates PM's so dont Pm her! lol . fantastick friend!!

Stacey:- my first friend! miss u heaps helpd me through a tuff time! RESPECT xoxolol

Nikki:- she is so in love with her ex! lol jokes nikstar jokes! awsome gal luv her heapz!

oh and a big shout out to bellz!!!! everyone please add her and giv her HUGZZ HUGZZ n more HUGZZZ she needs them to live! she's sooo cute . xoxo

"dazz pours a johnnie walker"
this drink is for u fuckaazzzz!