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Dash Cam: seven keys (sourced from LATCHES and amended slightly)

I vow to be loyal.

To keep what is said within the privacy of this group, in confidence, so as not to undermine anyone's faith in their ability to share openly and freely.

I vow to be accepting.

To listen and be open-minded and sensitive to the views of others, even if they do not match my own.

I vow to trust.

To give of myself and my ideas, opinions and experiences freely, with faith that my sisters will accept what I have to offer with sensitivity and respect.

I vow to communicate.

To share my experiences and feelings, positive or negative, with the goal of establishing a free flow of information, opinions, and thoughts.

I vow to be honest.

To relay the realities of my submission and my experiences within it so that others may gain insight, information and confidence.

I vow to educate.

To offer my experiences and knowledge as resources, allowing others, whether within Wire or the community-at-large, to learn from my mistakes and successes.

The Goal and the Gift.

May we each support each other on our individual and community journeys, perfecting and taking pride in the gift of our submissive souls.
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aphrodites_saphy: Yeah.....i fulfilled these vows well i reckon *pats herself on the back*
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Dash Cam
Dash Cam: .....soaring whilst shackled.

This girl has been granted the permission (His) to speak openly and candidly, for the purpose of letting those who are important to her know.....(as many have already enquired and to which she profusely apologises for being somewhat elusive).....that she is currently and has been under the controlling hand and direction of her Master, Gargoyle_hunter, whilst she has been continuing her training.

Anyone who knows this girl knows, she strives to learn and to do so well....she dedicates herself to her purpose and to her servitude and she does so implicitly.
She has learned so very much during the time she has been training and in service to her Master and she continues to grow beyond herself, even now, with His knowledge, as well as in her own.

The history which Gargoyle_hunter and this girl shared in the past proved to be an introduction...the start of a foundation where we inevitably became friends...a strength which saw us through difficult times and enabled this girl and her Master to grow to unfathoming heights. It proves somewhat to show that quality and firm relationships within the lifestyle are very much a friendship first and foremost.

She has seen and she has been at liberty of a few here...of which she still respects....ummmmm....*counts*...One.
She has been subject to contravention and the dereliction of others here that she has given herself to, and wrongly.....her servitude built on the lies of those she trusted. she knew herself that she was still very much learning and that she inevitably had to redirect herself and to find herself once again having lost that/her direction.
Her Master now; helped her do so.

He guided this girl to where she needed to be, He saw her struggling to cease spinning out of control, to stop falling and He saw that she needed to rise to where she needed to be once again.

He gifted her the opportunity and the ability to do so...He trains her to be the best slave that she can be. With His extensive knowledge of every aspect that drives her, in her submissive world as much as her slave heart....she has found her path within Him.
She is working tirelessly and with intensive purpose to earn His regard, to earn her place, to give enough and to be enough...to become the slave that will have her place permanently at His side, to wear His collar and His Moniker and to be considered worthy......as His.

This girl looks upon her Master with the greatest of respects, she adores Him and will go beyond her personal limits to make sure that He is continuously pleased and proud of His little one/His slave.

*she bows her head and lowers her gaze graciously*
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Dash Cam
Dash Cam: Hmmmmm....

sex is amazing...sex is great and its fulfilling...i get that. I truly do.
I have an awesome sex drive and appetite, but sometimes...well, most of the time....sex isnt everything.

What excites me isnt sex. What gets my fire searing hot is servitude.
To be in a free enough space with a Dominant partner where i can be allowed to be who i am. To be needed, to be safe.
Have me knelt before you...direct and command me..take control...tell me straight what you want...and if i misbehave or get mouthy then deal with it.
I dont like arrogance...its a major turn off.
So if your Dominant then BE Dominant...theres a fine line between the two.

I'm naturally drawn to those who possess the ability to have that controlling firm hand over me....whether or not they realise that isnt my issue. I'm not going to spell it out for you...confidence in who you are and your strengths will be enough to clarify that.

I'm a very accomodating person and will do all i can to be pleasing because my Dominant is an important factor and a priority in my life...disappointment in any regard isnt a favourable notion for me. I dont like how it renders me reclusive and drawn in...its a dark place thats full of shadows.

At times, i need to be humiliated...i need to have elements of exhibitionism...i need to be restrained and not to be compliant but to feel the helplessness...i need to be forced and to not have control but in a safe and consensual environment.
I need to be useful. To have a reason to be.
Please note however, for the purpose of being concise and clear...i did state...'At times...' ~ mindsets and moods sway such...meeting me for the first time and within five minutes you have me stripped naked and standing in a crowd whilst your pulling me to my knees and face fucking me..yeah, that really isnt going to fare well in your favour. Know theres a time and place for everything and natural boundries are going to exist.
Get me drunk however lol *smirks* mhhmmm I'm kidding .......maybe.

This is all ultimately though, what will release the slave thats almost now non existent.
It took me alot to be free, a lot of time and a lot of soul searching...and through circumstance i was forced to become reclusive once again. The emptiness sucks....my bratty and condescending side has replaced my submissiveness and its slowly but surely corrupting who i once was, who somewhere deep inside i can still hear her screaming.

Ive tried...in online communities ive tried. In Vanilla relationships ive tried....nothing ive encountered works. I'm at that point of frustration where you could actually rip your own hair out...where you find yourself lost in nothing but clouds of smoke and the compass arrow is furiously spinning and never stops.
Desperately seeking a direction that isnt yet clear.

Hopefully, by stepping back into the Real Life scene...it will have its answers...thing is though...its gonna take quite a bit of confidence and the hope that people can acknowledge, especially Dominants or alpha types, that NOT all the time do we look for or require 'just sex'.....that sometimes the best way to a submissive slaves heart is to just allow her the freedom to be herself. *smiles softly*

I'm still very much going to be online....but the way things are...the side of 'online' that makes this lifestyle all about fun and games and not a priority as it should be is draining me...its completely suffocating and i need air. Pure and simply.
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Dash Cam
Dash Cam: Dance with the devil.

When the fire burns...try to grasp,
an understanding....a unity....do you dare the unknown....do you survive that faltering gasp.

Your mind attunes...your body, not your own...every words a cliffhanger as you sway to and fro. Your raised from the floor...a hand to your throat...a subconscious moment...a devouring act as your bodies entwine...before you yield, before you implore.

An unspoken word from a place not known...a sheer wall of ice suddenly thrown...a distance prevailed instead of the unity that shone....shared precious moments that have now all but gone.

This is why a girl will burn herself out...she wont try to be broken...she will not shout. As the silence blankets all that she knows..as the distance subtly grows and grows...she builds her wall upon that ice...her own defence...her unbreakable vice.

So have it known...in that coffin from hell, she may be cold, but that fire still burns or so shes been told.
She'll always forever and truly be her...until the time comes, when that sweet devils kiss begins to blur.
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Dash Cam
Dash Cam: The Triskelion and its meaning

The BDSM Emblem is a design based on a Triskele. The Triskele is the basic shape of the Emblem, with three “arms” curving out from the center and merging with an encompassing circle. The Triskele is an ancient shape that has had many uses and many meanings in many cultures. Not all Triskeles are BDSM Emblems! It is the details of the design that make it the BDSM Emblem. Those details are the black inner color, the silver-golden lines or in other words the rims and spokes are of a color indicating metal and last but not least what usually appears as dots over the internet are holes of identical color with the rims and spokes.

The idea behind what you know as the BDSM Emblem was initially proposed and promoted in a precise manner. In brief, it was to be a symbol based on the Triskele with very specific details. It was to be those details which marked this one specific Triskele-based design as the BDSM Emblem. It is an approach to enable those who wanted to find others of like interests to identify themselves to each other in a silent way, without outing themselves to a potentially persecuting public. Therefore, the symbol was based on one that would otherwise go unnoticed.

What happened was that people started spreading the Emblem across the Web without the background information required for proper understanding. Some people if not many seem to consider any Triskele as a BDSM symbol which is wrong. The BDSM Emblem was created to allow BDSM individuals identify themselves to each other secretly. To aid in secrecy, the Emblem was created to look common enough and avoid to arouse too much interest. To aid in identification, it was created with very specific and meaningful details.

The BDSM emblem has no “obvious” symbolism because it was created to be enigmatic. To the vanilla (anyone out of the BDSM lifestyle) observer who would be put off by BDSM, it is merely an attractive piece of jewelry. Thus, we can wear it freely as a friendly salute, nod, and wink to other BDSMers we should happen to pass on the sidewalks and in the hallways of our daily lives.

To the insider, however, the Emblem is full of meaning.

The three divisions represent the various threesomes of BDSM. First of all, the three divisions of BDSM itself: B&D, D&S, and S&M. Secondly, the three-way creed of BDSM behavior: Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Thirdly, the three divisions of our community: Tops, Bottoms, and Switches. I do not really believe in switches. This is something i will explain some other day and why i do not believe it but in general i would say that eventually the one side will prevail or at least it will be stronger driving the hunger to be satisfied more often. So at the bottom end, every individual is a Top or Bottom and there are variations of how strong both those feelings are inside that person.

It is this third symbolism that gives meaning to the holes in each unit. Since BDSM is at the very least a play style and at its greatest a love style, the holes represent the incompleteness of any individual within the BDSM context. However “together” and “whole” individuals may be, there remains a void within them that can only be filled by a complimentary other. BDSM cannot be done alone.

The resemblance to a three-way variation on the Yin-Yang symbol is not accidental. As the curved outline of Yin and Yang represent the hazy border between where one ends and the other begins, so do the curved borders here represent the indistinct divisions between B&D, D&S, and S&M (Bondage and Discipline, Domination and submission, Sadism and Masochism or sadomasochism).

The metal and metallic color of the medallion represents the chains or irons of BDSM servitude/ownership. The three inner fields are black, representing a celebration of the controlled dark side of BDSM sexuality. I do not see any darkness in the lifestyle but I accept the general anticipation of black as dark side in the meaning of how our lifestyle should be kept hidden.

The curved lines themselves can be seen as a stylized depiction of a lash as it swings, or even an arm in motion to deliver an erotic spanking. The all-embracing circle, of course, represents the overlying unity of it all and the oneness of a community that protects its own.
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Dash Cam
Dash Cam: The Tree Of Life a symbolism of the BDSM lifestyle.

She has been set to this task by her Master; to discover how the tree of life reflects the BDSM lifestyle and to find her own interpretation of such.

She wasnt set to a time scale as He knew her need to focus and learn from doing so. A lesson which they could both take from.

Initially, settling herself down and starting her search, the first online page she approached contained an image. An image that clearly marked different aspects of the tree of life itself. (see attached). It was labeled as follows.....

The branches...."wisdom"
The trunk....."mind and body"
The roots....."beliefs"

Now she thought hard on these attributes and found an understanding she could relate to.

"the branches" (wisdom.)

'Growing in many different directions, of various paths...never mirrored by another.'

This would be typical of one persons growth, the expanse of the varieties of knowledge they shall possess or indeed, of the various paths that are available within the BDSM lifestyle.

You could relate to this in either way but for the purpose of this part of her task, she shall relate to it in terms of growth.

Personally, her 'branches' are set. Its her leaves that are ever evolving.
Those leaves have a life span of their own...a purpose, each and every one.

Leaves will wither, fade and die...alongside new life that will sprout and grow (she will focus more on this in the next part of her findings.)

Now the leaves, she proposes...signify her journey.
There are parts of her very early journey that are no longer relevant.
Lessons that have been taken and learned from and are now insignificant. These persay, are the leaves that have since died. But they shall still serve a purpose. Those lessons were never unimportant.
Being part of her growth, that purpose, those leaves, help her on her future paths due to the experience that was shown. The wisdom she found.

Because the cycle prevails that when these leaves fall to the ground below...they will decompose and ferment the ground that feeds the roots that will then strengthen her tree and encourage new leaves (paths) to form.

There are also the leaves that make up her current journey, her path...those leaves are full of life and larger in size and will continue to grow until they too become transparent and irrelevent.
Until they are replaced by new wisdom.

Complicated. Possibly. But in the bigger picture...in the cycle of the tree, it is all relevant.

"the trunk" (mind and body)

'firm and solid, an epitomy of strength...of ability, of direction and of focus'

We all know that growth, understanding and wisdom doesnt just come to those who are too weak to seek it.
We need to be strong of mind and of body to withstand the arduous paths that may lay before us when we embark to find the knowledge we need to.

As with anything else though, this takes time.
We dont stand firm like a three century old oak tree when we take our first steps.
We indeed are, all of us, D and s type alike, we are mere saplings...one that can easily be broken...one who is nieve.
But not forever....
with age, we grow.
In each passing storm we will stand firmer and find nurturement.
In the rain, in the wind and in the sun (sadness, freedom and happiness) we will feed.

This is what makes our tree trunks (mind and body) firm and solid.
It wont be untarnished. It will have its weakness. It will have its scars. But it will be strong.....in time.

This is when we find the strength that is needed to reach high and stretch beyond our means to better ourselves...to blossom.

"the roots" (beliefs)

Now this is easy. Because such an anology is so widely used in many concepts.

Roots....roots of a strong solid oak, anchored deep into the ground. Vibrant with the life of the Earth.
The 'older' (more experienced) that one becomes, the stronger and firmer these roots are.

Beliefs can and will vary from person to person.
They can include such things like moral standing, religious ordain, personal limits and commitment.
How much integrity and truth you place in your beliefs determines how strong those roots are....the stronger the roots, the stronger the tree.

Beliefs are important.
Forgetting them or disregarding them and you will be at risk of instability.
If those roots (beliefs) are not continuously nurtured. Then they will fail to support the weight of all you shall become.
Those roots will crumble and fall away and become rotten and in time will bring you to your downfall.
This can and will have a detremental effect on all that you are seen to be.

This is a personal interpretation. Its an analysis through my own thoughts and mind. One which i hope makes some sense.
But it isnt the only way to view 'the tree of life' and its significance in the world of BDSM.
There is another......(to be continued)
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Dash Cam
Dash Cam: Protocol/training notes.

Low protocol is whats known as easy going and is usual in most informal situations or casually at home. It is also what many lifestylers use if they are in “vanilla situations", where not everyone is aware of the lifestyle.

Only to the practiced and experienced, is the subtle M/s interaction noticeable, but there is no doubt in her mind that it is there

Medium protocol is basically just a step up from low protocol. It's still fairly easy going....but there is a bit of an edge to things, and she is a little more aware of her behaviour.

It can involve her wearing her ko'lar, it will always include her being respectful and addressing those of Dominance appropriately...she should still be able to speak freely but so long as she remains respectful.

If at His discretion, she is to be placed on High Protocol, she is instructed to behave in a certain manner befitting a High Protocol situation - she will have certain and specific rules to follow.

A clear definition of High Protocol is where all her focus is placed on Him. she may not communicate with others unless given permission to do so, she will keep her eyes lowered and stay quiet and in the position she has been given...this will be the case until such times shes given instructions otherwise.

High protocol will maintain her focus and relieves her playfulness, stress and anxiety. Her focus will be on nothing and no-one besides her Master. Other Dominants and s types will acknowledge her space within High Protocol.

As slave, she knows the importance of not being a 'hinderence' to her Master....as slave, she is trained appropriately to take the necessary steps in her own maintenence of change to make certain that this is never an issue that needs addressed.

...she can accommodate her learning at her will, especially when she feels disappointment in herself. In her own eyes, any level of disappointment is a disappointment felt ten fold in those around her....including, but not exclusively, her Master.

she will adopt the necessary changes and will continue to be of substance to her Master. she will beg His forgiveness and the same of those she feels she offends, even if its not felt in return, because her own disappointment is debilitating in itself...

Her need to seek such is an acknowledgement of her growth and succeeding herself....of appropriate change that will better the slave she will be. She recognises that in not all circumstances will this be acceptable, appropriate or indeed given....but she will not place judgement nor any disregard in actions of others in response of her own mistakes.

In no way will her actions, display, behaviour or language be of distaste to her Master or those of Dominance.
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Dash Cam
Dash Cam: An ever enduring journey.

she has came upon a path...one which she has seen time and time again but never really, truly felt the sands she treads upon....until now.
call it recognition, call it growth..call it whatever you may...but she now knows.

she's sat with the feeling of 'wrongness'....saddened to say that she stepped beyond herself and she argued a point she had no right in doing so.

she's a slave...her Master, even when she thinks He's wrong...He's indeed right, because she's too hot tempered and to stubborn and frustrated at times to see it.

if there's one thing and one thing alone that she cant handle at all....its His disappointment.

He's never ever angry at her, He's never more than supportive. when she posted what she did, she was angered. she didnt consider her behaviour, her emotions, her self image and how that would portray itself upon her Master and her thoughts werent processed correctly. they were instinctive of her anger.

yes. of course, all that considered, she was disappointing to Him....and as her Master He had every right to chastise her for it.
that doesnt make it any easier.

she now has to process that. She now has to make that right.
she argued. pure and simply because she was told;

"That does not make it ok to post a rant such as that and openly disrespect me."

that one thought blinkered her. She took its meaning wrong.

she defied Him. she argued to ease the knot inside her. her only thought then that plagued her was.... 'if she acknowledged she was wrong, He would then think she disrespected Him'....

instantly, her defences went up, she fought against that because she knows, its something she would NEVER do.

she didnt see that infact, the disrespect came from her behaviours, her emotions, her self image and her unprocessed thoughts.

sub or slave alike...feeling that youve disappointed your Master or Mistress never sits well. Its hard to get past that feeling.

but at the end of the day...her actions weren't what was expected. He was right, she does know better. Now she recognises it and is trying to rectify that wrong.

Her Master is her guide. even in the times she doesnt realise it.
she writes this for clarification and apologises for the disrespect she showed, for the continued disappointment when she allowed her emotions to overcome her and in forgetting her place.

she begs forgiveness for her lack of self control and for the upset she may have caused. *lowers her eyes and bows her head*....she's sorry.
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Dash Cam
Dash Cam: Pleasure slaves.

Ships lanterns hang from the ceiling, lighting the vast space below....candle light flickering, as voices rise merrily from the numerous tables which are set in a grouping around a pit of golden sand.

Scantily clad and naked women adorned with nothing more than strips of silk twisted around their torsos, rush here and there, back and forth serving warmed paga and well fired food to the Masters as they themselves, rest swathed with their house leathers and cloth, various steel shafts glinting in the soft glow....their whips held tight in their grasp.

Her eyes widen, awed by the scene around her, when without prelude she finds herself taken viciously and pushed forcibly toward the sands..in a flash, her cherished silks are ripped from her skin in one grasp leaving her vulnerable and naked..."Dance girl!"...every inch of her stiffens taut, her breath stills.
In seeing such, a strong grip in her hair drags her form across the pit to its centre...her palms and feet frantically searching for her footing...she's tossed heartlessly against a strong wooden pole, before her body falls to the floor.
Her luscious curves lay in full view of her audience of strong willed Masters, their eyes glaring and boring into her skin from behind their goblets...swiftly she turns onto her back, her body bowed....her hips raised to the skies as her cheek turns, her thighs part, exposing her warmth...she writhes in the sands as a whip cracks in the air near her.....she jumps and groans just as if the leather had indeed stung and kissed at her skin...but as every slave girl knows..the slave is almost never struck with the whip, unless, of course, she does not perform well. Knowing this well enough, she ensures she does....she takes sheer comfort in her abilities to be pleasing...her body writhing and grinding in ways she knows is arousing to Him....her focus turns to this brute who tyrannizes her, as He towers above her with His whip at His side...she locks His gaze and looks deeply into His eyes, a gentle, teasing smile on her lips, a wanton need radiates from her...her soft skin glows and with a well versed look from Him, her breath instantly catches in her throat, her chest rising urgently...then without a moments pause and almost too delicately, in her graceful mannerisms, she turns her hands...their backs to the sand...exposing the soft flesh of her palms to Him.

Never once dropping her gaze....her silence, her unspoken words, her slave fires burning furiously in her deep hazel eyes...her need indicates more than clearly her surrender...her submission...her vulnerability and her readiness.

This vision of a Master then crouches beside her and encircles her neck with the coils of His whip. He draws her to her knees before Him. She looks up at Him, her neck in the whip coils, as His eyes bore into hers.... "Kneel, back on your heels," His voice deep and somewhat rough around the edges, almost growling as each word leaves His lips. "Straighten your back, suck in your gut, put your shoulders back, thrust out your breasts".....His whip handle presses at each part of her form as He indicates what He desires to see...."spread your knees, widely, lift your chin, put your hands on your thighs." His eyes wander over her new position...checking for her insolence...she holds herself firmly..."You are not going to be sold as a tower slave, Lady Sapphire. You are going to be sold as a pleasure slave."

She reaches for and kneels behind the dark, smooth post at His direction....facing it, her knees on either side of it, her belly and breasts against it...her hands embracing it. The whip cracked too close to her again...she quivered and suddenly became very lasciviously active...writhing and pressing herself closer to the pole...pressing it tight at the apex of her thighs as her arms reach above her head...her breath quickens, as her heart rate rises....the obvious symbolism of her beauty beneath total male discipline becoming extremely, powerfully erotic....

"Enough!" He said. She was then as she had been before, kneeling behind the post, her knees on either side of it, her belly and breasts pressed against it, her hands embracing it. "Tonight," He spoke, His voice directed not to her, but to the captivated audience around her...."I will give her to guardsmen. She will dance the whip dance, naked." .......................................

Lesson. There are many whip dances on Gor, of various sorts. In a context of this sort, presumably not in a tavern, and without music, the girl is expected to move, writhe and twist seductively before strong men. If she does not do well enough, if she is insufficiently maddeningly sensuous, the whips fall not about her, but on her. When one of the men can stand it no longer He orders her to His mat where, of course, she must be fully pleasing. If He is not, then she is whipped until she is. Then, when one man is satisfied, the dance begins again, and continues in this fashion until all are satisfied, or tire of the sport.
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