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Illusions flourish in the summerwind,
create blossoms that are beautiful but fleeting.
When they are plucked by experience
they will surely whither.

Illusions, blue like a summerday,
are pending at the sky of your life.
But you know exactly:
this cloudless vision of your fantasy
will never come true.

Illusions, that's what you made for yourself,
cause the one you once had loved only laughed at you.
And your castle of clouds collapsed
in one single night.

And then you ask yourself
why has it to be like this,
but the answer is only given by life,
and by time, when the years of your summer will have passed,
you will understand.

Illusions, flourishing in reality,
a first breeze of grief
will blow them away.
But as long as you can dream
one day at least one dream will come true........
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