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The Day After Halloween.....

Sipping my morning coffee
I watch the dawning of a new day
and while surfacing, the first sunbeams enlighten the dark sea of sadness.

Last night, the night of witches and ghosts,
they all appeared before me, the demons of the past
trying to pull me down, to drown my soul in pain and sadness

And for some moments of time
I thought: let it be, give up, follow their calls
they will lead you to the eternal marshlands of sadness

But then suddenly I heard a voice,
soft, far away, but clear, to remind me of who I am
to show me that beyond all darkness there always is a spot of happiness

M.F. 2011-11-01
crypticwritngslyb4me: Beautiful : )
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PaleBurnedAcid: Darkie that is so beautiful and true... sometimes I feel the same way.. just give up and give in. Keep focusing on that spot of happiness.
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Zoey234: aaah yes being lifted out of the dark place by the arrival of light ... great feeling Darks ...
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jimmy__000: i can see them too..not sure they exist for real.. feel like its my brain acting weird to making me believe in weird stuff so ill feel better.. i dun care.. i can see them following me and hear them whispering to me how fucking stupid and pathetic i am when i ask for help, just now.. theyre laughing about what im typing, decided to not care.. need to talk . i can feel them taking me down, proposing me music that i never heard of...and making me loving it so bad i can loop the song till im numb like that one ..t YouTube as pain can be so thick, so dense, so real you can touch it.. following you all your life..if pain is real... what we see is as real.
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