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Don`t think
the burden on your shoulders
will become too heavy for you.
Don`t think
you are too weak
to carry someone else` burden too.

You will be astonished
because of your vigor
You will be astonished
how strong you are
in spite of your weakness.

The four categories of people

Don`t you ever regret
knowing someone in your life.

Good people will give you happiness
Bad people will give you experience
While the worst people will give you lessons
And the best people will always give you memories.


Illusions flourish in the summerwind,
create blossoms that are beautiful but fleeting.
When they are plucked by experience
they will surely whither.

Illusions, blue like a summerday,
are pending at the sky of your life.
But you know exactly:
this cloudless vision of your fantasy
will never come true.

Illusions, that's what you made for yourself,
cause the one you once had loved only laughed at you.
And your castle of clouds collapsed
in one single night.

And then you ask yourself
why has it to be like this,
but the answer is only given by life,
and by time, when the years of your summer will have passed,
you will understand.

Illusions, flourishing in reality,
a first breeze of grief
will blow them away.
But as long as you can dream
one day at least one dream will come true........

I am strong.....

Back to earth again
The flight to the clouds is over and out
Crashed and woke up
I notice it late enough
Another time that I stumbled
But I'm playing the clown.....

Snow covers the roses
I confess I'm feeling the cold
But I clench my fist and say
I am strong.

I stepped up to the flowers
until the ladder broke
With outstretched hand
I ran after bubbles
Another time that I failed
But I'm playing the clown.....

Cracks on my soul
Make-up in my face
Life will go on
Although I don't know how yet
But I clench my fist and say
I am strong.

I submit all......

As I stand alone in the darkness of night
I hear Your voice,
calling to me as soft as a whisper,
but I feel the power of it's pull......

I long for Your touch,
for You to hold me in Your arms,
to feel Your strength envelop me.....

I can sense You
as You come close to me,
feeling the weight of Your stare.
I know the moment You reach out to touch me,
I feel it burn deep into my soul.....

I subit all to You as You pull me closer,
I surrender my heart, mind, body, and soul.


The E-mail

It's a hard day's night
sitting here, smoking, staring at the screen

I'm so confused, don't know what to do
I have always been sure of myself but now this self confidence is gone

So many unspoken words
and I dont find a single word to start with

Am I right, am I wrong?
shall I write to you, shall I stay calm?

I look out of the window
try to find an answer in the cold and starry night

All I can hear is silence
but then I look into the gracious face of the full moon

A soft whisper reaches my ears
I smile, and then I start writing the mail:

My love.........

M.F. 2011-11-10

The Day After Halloween.....

Sipping my morning coffee
I watch the dawning of a new day
and while surfacing, the first sunbeams enlighten the dark sea of sadness.

Last night, the night of witches and ghosts,
they all appeared before me, the demons of the past
trying to pull me down, to drown my soul in pain and sadness

And for some moments of time
I thought: let it be, give up, follow their calls
they will lead you to the eternal marshlands of sadness

But then suddenly I heard a voice,
soft, far away, but clear, to remind me of who I am
to show me that beyond all darkness there always is a spot of happiness

M.F. 2011-11-01


Shall I meet you today
because my feelings tell me so?
Once you let me know
that your door will always be open for me.

Shall I meet you today?
Nothing will be like it had been before.
We didnt see each other for a long time,
I'm not the one I used to be.

Shall I meet you today?
We will talk about the past,
we will pretend everything is like before -a game.
But you should know I dont play anymore.

Shall I meet you today
because my feelings tell me so?
I will look at you, full of doubts,
until there is only emptyness for both of us.

And you will never understand
that I lose myself when I'm with you,
that I will be endlessly lonesome
even when I stay in your arms.

Shall I meet you today?
No, I wont go to you..........

M.F. 2011-10-06


What are feelings?
You don't know?
You don't want to let them grow?

I know what feelings can be,
how they can hurt you,
but I let it be.

I died a lot of times,
but I still stayed alive.
And often I wished
that feelings wouldn't be.

But they are still there,
they accompany me.
And I take them,
and I feel free,
although sometimes
they are killing me....

M.F. 2011-10-04
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