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I can't f!@$)(@)ng believe how judgemental some people can be. To me judging a person by their race, their color, their appearance in general is wrong. I'm ranting about this in my blog because just today my friend's boyfriend broke up with her because she gained 5 pounds! Appearance doesn't make a person who they are, its what they have on the inside that makes them who they are. A girl can be super model pretty and be f^&@$%& stupid, a girl can be average looking with a bit more weight on her and be a great person to be around with. Guys can be jocks and all that and still be ay*#~^#~, Guys can be average looking and read books all the time and still be a good person. You get what I'm saying? Just because a person isn't super hot, weighing 100 pounds stick thin, blonde hair big tits doesn't make them a bad person.

Why can't people just get to know others before judging? Its like going to a concert and all these kids who dress "emo" or "scene" and say "why are you here dressing like that? Shouldn't you be listening to Britney Spears?" Its wrong, ignorant and those who judge looks before personality are the losers and probably will end up alone forever not the other way around.

The nice people in this world today always finish last, its f^z$%# up how society is now, and its fw*z#% up how judgemental people are. I never judge a person by their weight, by their appearance, by their culture or religious views. I see everyone equally and I expect the same back. I meet so many people from the internet, at work, downtown, etc and just because I'm not super pretty I'm not super skinny, they want nothing to do with me afterwards because all their looking for is someone hot and who will f@&# them 24/7. It shows how lame these idiots are. I maybe talking about people here on myspace who i've met as well, i may not be, I never mention names in these blogs.

In the end, we all grow old and ugly so why not cherish the personality and get to know that person for who they are. Everyone deserves equal rights, I see it everyday the younger generation are always judging and wanting the "hot" "sexy" "sw$ kittens" girls.

Yes I know we all judge in some way or another, but like I've said I never judge a person first off by their apperance and treat them like shit afterwards, I only judge them once I get to know their personality and what kind of a person that they truely are, not by their looks.

if people can't accept me for who I am, then their not worth my time or energy. I respect people who want to enhance their look by excercising and eating right and taking the time to look good, but as long as they look natural at the same time its all good! I will never change *like plastic surgery, becoming aneorexic for anyone* Blahhhh