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Fitst Mass


It has taken three years
Here we are
Your first mass mum
Since the lockdowns has pass

Six thirty the time
On a Saturday evening
Some travelling near others far
Then food and drinks in the Country Inn at the bar

How the times have changed
Since I saw you last
Daniel is now 19
Growing up very fast

Your grand daughters
Are as beautiful as ever
Chloe Kayla and Lilly
A boo family in New York City

We remember the good times
Not the sad
We drink to your memory
With 18 yellow roses attempted by dad

As I listened to
Dermot and Dave
There be no tears
When I stand at your grave

Death Money


Always good at school
Always got ahead but
He made one mistake
Now he is dead

He got caught robbing a bank
He should have waited to midnight
For when the lights went out

Stop there said the cop
Or you will get shoot
Put your hands where I can see them
Put you hands in the air and stay there

He did not listen
He pulled out his gun
The cop had no choice
Now he is gone

Shoot in the knee
Shoot in the head
The boy is now lying dead

Only fourteen always good at school
Always got ahead but
Now he is dead

40,000 was in his bag
Try to rob a bank
This was how much death money
That caused him to die

Damien Gallagher 25/03/03



This is the hardest part
For when I left
I broke your heart

I am sorry
I do regret
What I have done
I can never forget

I was so weak
To fall for her charm and
To cause
This marriage a lot of harm

I am so sorry
For our kids
Their dad is a coward
For what I did

I will sign the papers
For the divorce
Don’t look for money
I lost it all my honey

Damien Gallagher 15/03/06



To get in to jail is easy
To get out is not

To be sentenced
For a long time
To be without daylight

To be caught committing a crime
Depending on what you done
Jail could be your new home

With bars so small and
Light so dim
With beds so hard
The pain is within

Some is innocent some is not
Some stay for years
Some stay for months
Some make it some do not

A place I don’t want to go
A place I could do without
To say goodbye to your loved ones
Not knowing when they get out
To be locked away
Not able to get out
In complete darkness
Wasting away

To see daylight
For one hour
Is all you get because
Of the crime I did

To write her letters
To phone her
To hear her voice
Once a month

This place is brutal
This place is sick
Coming tomorrow
I be rid of it

My six months are up
I did my time
Now to leave jail
Out of my mind

Damien Gallagher 24/7/06

Donegal pier


Donegal pier
The waterbus
People are coming to us

Ducks and birds
Swans and seals
The attraction
Of Donegal pier

Irish craic
Irish fun
Don’t expect the sun

Donegal pier
The Irish beer
The Irish humor
Is always here
Damien Gallagher 22/12/05

Break in


They break the windows
They break our bones
They know how to break in
To rob our homes

They tie our hands
They trash the joint
They do this
Just to make a point

They take what they find
They leave nothing behind
You will always
See them in your mind

They always get caught
For their crimes
Now they will pay
By doing time

Damien Gallagher 14/03/06



I woke up this morning
To hear the birds
They sing a happy song
Winter has finally gone

Buds on trees
Leaves turns green
Lambs and calves
Can be seen

No more short days
As spring is here
Cold has left
For this brand new year

February, march, April
Months of spring
Time of Easter
Which is a wonderful thing

The children go out to play
The birds build their nest
The coco comes
To be a pest

This is the time
Where everything
Starts to grow
Where we see very little snow

Some plays ball
Some go for walks
Or sit outside
To talk

Spring time is beautiful
Spring time is here
Listen to the bird’s song
As winter is now gone

Damien Gallagher 02/04/06

what happened


What happened to the rain
What happened to the snow
What happened to the flowers
I used to grow

What happened to the moon
What happened to the sun
What happened to the planet
Where I lived on

What happened to the towns
What happened to the streets
What happened to the people
I used to meet

What happened to the children
What happened to the sick
What happened to the blind
Who has no walking stick

What happened to the days
What happened to the nights
What happened to the lights
Of which you could see the sight

What happened to the water
What happened to the river
What happened to the smokers
Who has a damaged liver

What happened to the dead
What happened to the dying
What happened to the ones
That were caught lying

What happened to the trees
What happened to the countries
What happened to the soil
Or food I used to boil

What happened to the music
What happened to the films
What happened to the games
Or people with no shame

What happened to the rain
What happened to the snow
What happened to planet earth
A world I used to know

Damien Gallagher 28/09/06



I love this day
I love this night
I love Halloween and
It’s fright

Haunted house
Spells gone wrong
The evil that was cast
Can’t be undone

Creepy eyes
Staring away
Looking for victims
They can kill today

Screaming children
Bodies with no head
The walking dead
Is looking for you instead

Blood coming from their lips
The evil darkness will never slip
One by one they come for us
Surviving Halloween is a must

We need the spell
For all to be well
A story for our grandchildren
That we will tell

The spell is found
To send the zombies
Under the ground

We saw the light
We survived the night
We survived Halloween and
It’s fright

I love this day
I love this night
I love Halloween and
My victims in sight

Damien Gallagher 31/10/06