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dallast: As some of you have noticed (or not, I really have no way of knowing) I have not been spending a lot of time here lately. I have been working hard to get my businesses in order and marketable. Well, I have sold them! Now I can pursue dream of unplugging from this 21st century craziness. I have already deleted my web presence on all other platforms (well, I asked someone else to do it because I have no idea), I have trashed my smart phone for a prepaid flip phone with 500 minutes for the year (about 1 weeks worth previously) and I am going off line.
After about a week of getting things in order, me and the dogs are going on holiday. We have an RV, will be towing a car and the open road. I will be very occasionally checking my last email address that is open (the open a few of you have) and will focus on having no schedule and no deadlines. So, I have had some fun, made some great friends, ran into more than a few crazies and thoroughly enjoyed myself, as usual.
So with that, So long & thanks for all the fish.
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