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DaPoet23: Karma
For a kid,life is suppose to be happy
Standing here watching a child cry
Don't go,come back daddy.
He left him for good
Left without even saying sorry.
Little boy is all grownup now
Filled with anger and rage.
He decides to rob a store
As he looks into the closet
Should i use the 9mm or the 12 gage.
He reaches home
His mom yell's at him
He responds,mom can we leave it alone lets flip the page
He hears a knock on the door
Its the police,ur going to jail.
He says,mom i know u got my bail.
Its been three months in prison
And no one to save him
A man walks to him
The man says,hi my name is Jim
And ur my son
Boy replies,u cant be my dad ur nothing more than a bomb.
Jim says,i made some mistakes and i was on the run.
But now i have given that life up,im done
I'm here for life
Boy replies,well Jim did u think about me
Did u even think about ur wife.
As a matter of fact i'm getting out tomarrow
So im sorry for all ur sorrow.
Jim relpies,I know a kid life is suppose to be happy
And I just want to say im sorry.
As he stood there crying
Dont go,come back son
Boy replies,that was the sameway i felt
Jim replies,if u go i will kill myself
Boy replies,here u go use my belt.
U didnt care if i was in good health
Now because we're here
I'm suppose to melt!
I made my own mistakes
But i had a good life.
All my years of wanting answers
Now i realize i dont need u
You chose to play the dice
So goodbye dad or Jim
Mom always did the job you never did
So thanks to mom for giving me all the love from I was a little kid.
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