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DaPoet23: The Fight
Time has done a great deal
It has helped my scars to heal
It has helped the pain to be sealed
The struggles of life has been seen
And I’m still here wondering what’s left to be revealed
Time has helped me to gain a better vision
It has made me fully aware of what will come to be
And what’s not real
I have been through it all
Please tell me what’s possibly left to feel
I am still fighting each day
But give me whatever more
As my wounds begin to peel
Time will be my medicine
With a few new scars and stitches
I have left everything including the past behind
No weapons no sword
No defenses and no shield
I accept the life that’s been given to me
I will continue to fight till my last breath
Because to surrender and kneel
Will never be seen from this warrior
As I am walking this battlefield.
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