Famous Musicians Under the Influence of Drugs?

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Published on Sep 12, 2016


Drugs as Weapons Against Us presents evidence that:
U.S. Intelligence has been the largest LSD trafficker in the world
Assassinated American opposed the war in a top opium growing area.
CIA’s MK-Ultra had a hit list of opposition leaders to dose with LSD and other drugs.
MK-Ultra agents frequented West Coast “Acid Tests” and Leary’s Milbrook acid estate.
Undercover agents dosed musicians, writers and political activists here and abroad.
George Harrison’s dentist gave him and John Lennon their first doses of LSD covertly.
An attorney and legal reporter’s eight-year study said the CIA murdered Lennon.
An FBI asset supplied Mick Jagger’s first hit of LSD, then framed him and Keith Richards.
Jimi Hendrix’s manager, once in Britain’s MI6, reportedly admitted murdering him.
Janis Joplin died of a hotshot of potent heroin just before her first anti-War concerts.
Drugs were used on Black Panthers Huey Newton, Fred Hampton, and Afeni Shakur.
Nazis aided CIA & cocaine lords in the mass murder of Latin American revolutionaries.
Kurt Cobain wanted anarchist essays inside the thirty million-selling Nirvana album.
Police supervisor told officers not to investigate Cobain’s death as murder.
Tupac Shakur’s gang-conversion movement cost billions in laundered drug money.
Cops working at murdered Tupac’s Death Row label were described as “covert agents.”
Drugs were used on Occupiers; a provisional plan to shoot leaders in Texas was found.

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What's the Controversy of Beyonce's Half Time Performance?

Backlash to Beyonce's Super Bowl performance continues to grow
"...Five days after Beyoncé’s Super Bowl half-time show in which dancers were clad in Black Panther inspired costumes and one dancer held up a "Justice 4 Mario Woods" sign, the controversy continues to grow. There’s an anti-Beyoncé protest rally in front of the NFL headquarters planned for Feb. 16, a Boycott Beyonce sign-up page, and a social media hashtag #boycottBeyonce that people are using when addressing the performance -- from both sides of the issue..."
At one point during the performance Beyonce’s dancers form an “X” on the field which many believe is a reference to Malcolm X, but it should be noted they also form into an arrow and other football-related symbols. So, to each their own with that reference.

"The Day Beyoncé Turned Black" - SNL


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How Music Improves Students Academic Peformance?

I played a trumpet (rental) for 2 years during middle school. Now, I'm playing guitar and piano when I have the chance. However, singing is my thang!..

"...Music and language have a special relationship that Kraus and her team are only beginning to understand. In the study, which appears online in the open-access journal Frontiers in Psychology, the team showed that exposure to music lessons physically stimulated the brain and changed it for the better. However, simply being exposed to music education doesn’t seem to be sufficient, you have to also be actively involved....

...The team looked at the neural differences of the children participating in the Harmony Project by using electrode wires with button sensors to capture the brain’s responses. Although Kraus’s past research has shown the music education caused greater gains in speech processing, and thus reading, in her current project Kraus realized the type of music education offered also influenced how great these gains would be. For example, children who learned how to play a musical instrument showed stronger language skills than children who took music appreciation courses....

using music to improve academic performance

The Benefits of Music Education -Riff Academy Homeschool Music Curriculum

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